2-Tier Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is developed now, and more and more ways to attract an audience are now introduced in the market. One example of this is 2-tier. Are you confused? Let me explain to you what is two-tier in affiliate programs.

In two-tier affiliate programs, the first-tier affiliate gets the same commission as introduced by the affiliate programs. The difference is an additional tier, where marketers also earn a commission on sales generated by the people they referred to the program. However, the commission of two-tier is less than first-tier.

There are also multi-tier (more than two people) in affiliate programs who earn a commission, but there are limitations for multi-tier.

Joining 2-tier affiliate programs will give you a double commission. You will get a commission from the direct sales generated by your referral link, and you will also get a commission on your sub-affiliate referral sites.

The commission structure is like a first-tier; you will get a 30% commission on all the sales generated by your referral link and a 10% commission on your sub-affiliate referral sales. It sounds interesting and more lucrative.

What are you thinking about now? Join a 2-tier affiliate program to earn huge revenue. The commission will follow a different scheme. You will get a commission on every sale generated by you or get a commission on your client’s revenue. If your client spends more, you will get more commission.

We have made a list of best 2-tier affiliate programs with complete details. Check the programs below to join.

# Logo Name Comission Cookie Link Score 
1 Fiverr up to 150$ Join 4.5
2 Xcoins 3% - 15% Join 4.5
3 SeoReseller 1% - 6% Join 4.5
4 100Webspace 10% Join 4.17
5 VitaBase 5% - 25% Join 4.17
6 Easy Markets 25% Join 4
7 AppThemes 10% - 30% Join 4
8 My Theme Shop 10% - 55% Join 4
9 Super Jiggler 5% - 20% Join 3.83
10 How2Become 5% - 45% Join 3.83
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