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Online marketing gives you the golden opportunity to sell your products or services around the world. However, there’s a strong possibility that you will face stiff competition in your business vertical. This is the primary reason why you must take measures that will help you get have an edge over your competitors.

Having an online marketing spy tool at your disposal is one sure-fire way of becoming a dominant force in your business niche. Let’s take a close look at a virtual marketing spy tool that can help you stay one-step ahead of your competition.

What is AdBeat?

When it comes to internet marketing, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Studying your competitors will help you uncover effective marketing campaigns that can be used to reach your targeted audience. This is where this spy tool comes in handy.

This new tool is designed to uncover any marketer’s ad campaign within seconds. It will make it extremely easy for you to see what your competition is doing and how they are doing it. This will help you save a tremendous amount of time and money.

Main Features of AdBeat

This software has many incredible details that you cannot afford to ignore. The following features can take your online marketing campaigns to the next level:

  • Discover revenue generating ads being used in your niche
  • Learn where your competitors are running their marketing campaigns
  • See the top ads for a particular domain
  • Discover who advertises on a specific domain
  • Get in-depth data on advertisers that similar to the competitors in your market

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using This Spy Tool?

You must be ready to invest a significant amount of capital into your digital marketing campaigns these days. Fortunately, this spy tool has the potential to help you get the best return from your advertising dollars. However, we must stress that it’s not perfect. It’s time for us to look at the pros and cons associated with this tool.


It’s Easy to Master – There are dozens spyware tools around today, but most of them have a steep learning curve. It could take several weeks for you to master them. In this case, you can master this software within several hours.

Extensive Network Coverage – Over 90 popular ad networks are covered. It’s also vital to mention that this tool covers 26 countries around the world. This feature alone will help you reach your targeted audience with ease.

Excludes Adult Networks – Unlike other marketing spy tools, this tool excludes adult networks. It’s perfect for office usage.

Regular Updates – The software is updated periodically throughout the year. This helps the software run efficiently at your command.

Three Affordable Plans – You can select a plan that compliments your budget. You can go with the intro plan, the standard plan, or the advanced plan. The intro plan can help you get off to a great start, but you should consider the other plans if you’re interested in getting more options.

Great Customer Service – This software comes with exceptional customer service. You can contact the developer if you have any questions or problems. They will be more than happy to help you.


Better User Interface – The tool is remarkable, but the developer should make improvements to the user interface.

Monthly Subscription – We stated that you have three plans to choose from. You must be ready to pay a monthly subscription to use this service. This can be discouraging for some who are accustomed to paying a one-time fee for a similar tool.

Is There an Affiliate Program?

Are you interested in making more money? You can join the affiliate program. When prospects click on your affiliate link, you will be compensated once they become a customer.

The conversion rate for the software is high, so there’s no reason why you will not be able to secure sales. You will be putting yourself in place to make residual income.

You Can Get Started with AdBeat Today 

Simply visit the developer’s website to get started today. The sign-up process is easy. It’s imperative to mention that you can take advantage of the coupon. This will lower the pricing and make it easier for you to begin.

Digital marketing continues to become more competitive as time progresses. This is why you should consider using this spy tool. Having it in your marketing arsenal will give you sharp edge over your competition.

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  • I get my leads from Adbeat and it has become a staple in my marketing strategy. I use their spy tool to monitor competitors and see how they are doing on different channels. It’s a great way to get strategic insights into what others are doing so that I can stay a step ahead of them!

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