Adult Affiliate Programs

Adult industry is a taboo for many of us, but this industry is a 100-billion dollar business. Are you amazed? You want to know how to get profit from adult industry advertisements.

Human nature is curios to know new things which are why he clicks on the simple adult ads. Adult ads don’t need fancy editing and complicated photos. Adult entertainment involves a lot of advertisements.

You can target multiple devices like desktop, android, and iOS. When you post ads on your site and traffic visit the adult sites through your affiliate link, you will earn a huge commission. Google has stringent rules on adult content ads that mean Google AdSense is not the right solution to generate a high payout.

However, there are several other payout options available, so you don’t have to worry about it. Adult affiliate programs work and give commission by offering CPC, CPA, Adult option and CPM.

CPM means pay-per-mile, and a mile stands for 1000 ad views. The more ad views you get from your site traffic, the more commission you will earn.

CPC scheme is related to subscription services. You are given a commission when someone signs up for service. You will also get profit for special adult options like subscription or purchases. Adult niche is known as a gold mine in affiliate marketing, as it is one of the most lucrative niches.

We have brought a pack of best adult affiliate programs to save your time to search for it. Check the list below with complete details to join the affiliate program.

# Logo Name Comission Cookie Link Score 
1 AWEmpire 35-45% Join 4.5
2 30% Join 4.5
3 BongaCash 25% Join 4.33
4 ManicaMoney up to 70% Join 4.33
5 Always Phone Sex 25% Join 4.33
6 Pussy cash up to 250$ Join 4.17
7 Hustler Cash up to 50% Join 4.17
8 Adult Force 75$ Join 4.17
9 Mallcom 25% Join 4
10 Chaturbate 50$ Join 4
11 Lovense up to 30% Join 4
12 SextingCash 25$ Join 4
13 Nite Flirt 50$ Join 4
14 SexySpotMall 15% - 50% Join 4
15 Imlive 150$ Join 4
16 Silicon Wives 7% Join 3.33
17 Webcamwiz up to 45% Join 3.17
18 Camstarcash 70 - 200$ Join 3
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