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Born to sell Review

Program Type Forex
Commission 5 - 40 $
Cookie 90 days
Min Pay

What is Born to sell

Born to sell is an income generation tool that subscribers use to sell calls against certain financial market parameters. It provides users with a platform to make Covered Calls, which is a transaction whereby the vendor of call-options has complete ownership of the equivalent sum of the base trading instrument, which could be stocks, shares, bonds or any other type of security.

When one uses this platform to trade a call option against a stock, they are basically providing the buyer the right but not mandate to acquire 100 shares of a specific firm from them, usually at a fixed rate known as the trike price’ and also at a particular date referred to in the industry as xpiration date’.

The site makes it easy for traders to sell their call options for financial securities, since it lists the best stocks found in your business category, plus provides tools such as calculators and scanners that can be applied to streamline your call strategies.


Option chains. The platform offers sellers a table listing for the specific underlying asset that they’ve chosen to trade with, indicating certain crucial parameters such as strike values, pricing details, calls and puts within a set maturity period. Borntosell is designed to showcase options quotes in the form of chains or matrixes, using live or delayed data depending on how you have configured your account.

You can also calculate how much open interest you’ve made from your calls using this service, by determining the amount of futures contracts that remain outstanding in the marketplace.

Simple dashboard. The site has a user-friendly interface that’s practical and very easy to navigate. Moreover, its search result tables are quite simple to categorize using any line header, to swiftly and efficiently sort the scan results. Furthermore, the platform offers users tools that can be used to record a portfolio, or even track their purchasing, retailing and profit/loss making footprint.

Live trading list. Users have access to a real-time watchlist which monitors all securities being traded for investment opportunities, or a chance to sell. Furthermore, as an investor you are allowed to add as many trading instruments as possible to your watchlist, which could 10s or even 100s of financial tools depending on your needs as a trader.

When properly utilized, these tools can help you make informed and timely investment decisions that shall help generate maximum profit. Likewise, there’s a management tool available which can help users track both their internal & external watchlists within the Borntosell platform, and assess factors such as high risk securities, as well as external counter-parties and trading activities which may affect the behavior of stocks found on your covered calls.

Instant searches. The platform allows you to do quick searches on all the available covered calls, so as to find the best places for selling those which you have. Simply point your cursor on any filter category, and the necessary results will be updated immediately. There’s no need for using a earch’ button, or waiting for the page to refresh slowly in order to see the updates which you need.

Pros and Cons


  • The site gives users a personal calendar to check up when their stocks are close to paying dividends, or releasing profit records.
  • Through the in-built Diversify Me app, you can discover covered calls within any underweighted field. This is done by paring your positions against the S&P 500 based on the industry sector you have selected.
  • It has a history catalog to help record all your past transactions for future reference if necessary. With this tool, you can conveniently check how your covered calls selling work is progressing based on the information stored on the catalog.
  • For beginners who may not know where to start, Borntosell has an automatic search & filter system which shows the top 10 most successful covered calls from across the platform. You may use this information to follow-up on these successful traders and determine which strategies they are using to stay on top of their game, which can also be applied to your case.
  • Revenue goal management. If you want to meet a certain monthly income target, the site provides Income Goal app which automatically searches for the most promising covered calls that can fulfill your requirements. Simply choose your preferred number of covered-calls found on the available list, then a set of potential investments that match your monthly income target will be displayed.
  • • Useful training tools & instruction manuals available for starters.
  • • Dedicated helpdesk team that’s always ready to answer your calls round-the-clock.


  • When stocks/securities are falling in price then covered calls may not be attractive to potential buyers.
  • Purchase-writes require a lot of capital.
  • Traders are limited to using just a few covered call strategies.

Born to Sell Affiliate program

The Borntosell affiliate program is suitable for anyone who’s interested in opening up a passive source of revenue, without having to risk losses at the expiry date of their investment, or if trading strategies don’t go as planned.

As an affiliate, you shall earn commission by simply promoting the company’s covered call banner on your website, social media accounts, blog, Linkedin profile and so on. Signing up for this program is also quite easy, and you can start earning commissions immediately upon registration.

Payment Methods

Borntosell affiliates can earn revenue through paid subscriptions, or get second-level commissions of up to 10pct when they register other affiliates to the program. Upon signing up other affiliates under your account, you shall receive a fraction of what they make for as long as they continue using the Borntosell platform.

The sites pays out all commissions promptly at the 20th of every month.

How to Sign Up and login

  • The first step to registering is completing the form available on their website. You will be required to fill out your name, email address, phone number, and address among other details.
  • Upon submission of your application, the team shall review it and send you a confirmation message through email if the request is approved. You will then be required to follow the link provided on this mail for your account to be activated.
  • You can now log in to your personal page and start selling covered calls, or working as an affiliate.
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  • Best Forex Affiliate


    Born to Sell is the best Forex Affiliate Program out there. They have a great training program and are very knowledgeable about the industry. The customer service is also top notch- they always answer your questions within 24 hours, sometimes even faster!

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