Casino Affiliate Programs

It’s a trend of online games, whether it’s a simple food mania games to complicated casino games. The traditional way of going to casino to play games is changing, as it is considered taboo. Still, casino lovers can continue their hobby through online casinos.

Many traditional casinos are now introducing online casinos to play games from anywhere or anytime. This industry is a billion-dollar industry because casino lovers are ready to spend money on these online games.

Many games are played online in casinos like poker, slots, bingo, blackjack, roulette, and many others. These games provide massive revenue to the casinos. Joining an affiliate program is a win-win situation for both affiliate and company.

Affiliates split the workload and find new customers, and thus both affiliates and casinos get benefits.

Online casino affiliate programs will give you high revenue if you send more customers to the casinos. The commission is calculated in several ways.

Revenue share: If the agreement of commission is based on a revenue share basis, the casino will give you a commission on the client’s revenue. The more the players referred by you spent money in the casino, the more profit you will get.

Cost per Action: In the commission model, affiliates get commission only at registration time. For example, the fixed commission of $100 will be given to affiliate every time a new player is registered to the casino. The most popular commission mode in casino affiliates is CPA.

It is a difficult task to choose the best casino affiliate program, and it’s a time taking process as well. We are here to provide you the list of best casino affiliate programs to save your precious time. Have a look below to check the details.

# Logo Name Comission Cookie Link Score 
1 Rewards Affiliates 50% Join 4.5
2 Legend Affiliates 25% - 50% Join 4.33
3 Revenue Giants 30% - 40% Join 4.33
4 Mansion Affiliates 1$ - ∞ Join 4.17
5 PokerStars Affiliate Club 10% - 35% Join 4.17
6 Gambling Wages up to 40% Join 4
7 Fortune Jack 30% - 60% Join 4
8 Buffalo Partners 25% - 50% Join 4
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