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The term Chitika’ is a Telegu word. The meaning of the term is nap of the fingers. Chitika has a name like this because its ads are shown on the screen very fast. It is a data analytics and ad network firm that offers pay per click services. The company has offices located in the US and India.

The ads shown by Chitika pops up because the user had searched the search engine with certain keywords while looking for your website. However, it has to be kept in mind that the Chitika ads will not be shown on a particular website if the user goes to the website directly by spelling the address of the website on the browser. Read on this review to know more about its services.

What is Chitika?

Chitika happens to be an ad network that is contextual in nature. The term means that it will show ads related to the content of your website. The process helps in getting you more clicks and thus you end up earning more money. Chitika will prove to be perfect for you if you want to generate traffic through search engines and the model of affiliation does not go well with your blog.

In case your blog has a low rate of traffic then it will help you by providing you premium service of an ad network by showing relevant and quality ads. If your blog already has a high-quality, then you can expect that you will earn a great deal.

Benefits and Features

One of the major benefits is that it offers to show different kinds of ads that include mobile ads as well. Mobile ads are one of the major requirements in today’s world. It also happens to be very user friendly and you can easily create and customize your ads here. After you select the size of your ad, you have to click on the get code button in order to avail your ad codes.

Though Chitika never fails to show the ads you have chosen, you might consider having a backup plan by creating an ad that will show when it does not show any ad. This is mainly useful for the kind of blogs that have less content and are generally not targeted. It further avails you to block certain ads, based on keywords that are being displayed on your site.

Besides contextual ad, Intext ads, highlight ads and Hover ads are also offered by Chitika. You will also have the power to disable or enable any of these ads from the ad setting menu.

For a number of bloggers, it acts as the highest paying advertising programme. The main reason behind this is Chitika shows very well targeted ads.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chitika

Like every other ad generator, Chitika has also got both advantages and disadvantages. However, it can quite safely be said that the advantages of it are more in number than the disadvantages. Let us take a look at the advantages of it fast.

The eligibility criteria that Chitika has, is quite low. This means that more and more people can avail its services. The minimum payout amount is also low. This enables the user to collect his/her money at more frequent intervals even when the number does not reach high.

It works with all kinds of niches. Being versatile, it is easy to use and can be used by all kinds of bloggers. There are several kinds of ads that can be displayed by Chitika. The service also includes mobile ads and it helps greatly in generating traffic.

Now, let us look at the disadvantages:

One of the major disadvantages of it is that it shows ads generally on the traffic that is gained from search engines. Thus, if a user types the website name directly then Chitika will not show the user any ad. It also offers less Pay Per Click benefits when compared to AdSense.

Affiliate Program

The affiliation programme of Chitika helps to make bloggers make money online by referring different publishers to join the Chitika Publisher Network.

If you refer your friends to Chitika and they actually sign up then you will be getting ten percent of what they will be earning in the following ten months. This percentage comes from Chitika and does not affect the earning of your friend.

Anyone who is on this can use this affiliation programme to earn money. The referral links or banners are to be shared on social media or by any other means and when there is a successful signing up, you end up earning.

Payment Methods of Chitika

Chitika offers you cash through a fast and simple way. It uses Payoneer to pay you. Payoneer allows your money to be transferred quickly and without any hassle and service charge is also quite less in comparison to other money transferring services. It further gives you the option to choose the method, by which you want to receive your money.

You should keep in mind that in order to receive payments via Payoneer, you must be the citizen of a country where it is accepted. You will receive a payment from Chitika over Payoneer when your balance goes over $50.

How to sign up and login

Signing up to Chitika is relatively easy as it allows you to sign up even when your website traffic is low. Once you get approval from Chitika, you have to simply create an ad zone and then place your code in your already existing blog. In case you are not very good with handling WordPress and technology, then you can use Chitika’s own plugin of WordPress to help Chitika show ads.


So, it can quite safely be said that Chitika happens to be quite a decent network of ads that you can give a try and use in your blog. There are examples of bloggers who are getting more than $1000 from using it and if you try, you might also end up getting the same benefits as them.

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