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The key to being successful in online marketing of products and services depends on various factors. To begin with, we need to ensure that there is a continuous and regular flow of traffic to your website. This is just one part of the story and there is a need to ensure that the traffic is converted into leads that could generate sales and revenue. In today’s highly competitive online world, there is a need to buy traffic because organic traffic alone may not be able to give the right results. There are many such products in the market, but those who have used ClickMagick affiliate are quite happy about it. It would be a good idea to have a closer look at it and find out more about the products and how it works on the ground.

What Is Clickmagick?

This is basically a web based app. It is designed to help the users to track their marketing efforts and see that it gives them optimum results. It has many levels of use. At the basic level, you will be in a position to create tracking links. It has the capability of showing the user as to who has clicked on the links you have established and also will help you to find out more about the number such clicks.

However, this is possible only if the links have been set up correctly. Apart from the above, there are a number of other useful features that could make it quite different from others. We are sharing a few of the unique features that perhaps make it quite simple as far as login and other such user-friendly attributes are concerned.

Main Features/Benefits

Easy to add sub-ids dynamically: This is one of the few tools on the internet that makes it possible to add sub-ids behind the main affiliate link. It could be useful for visitors to have a look at the reviews and other such things. The sub-ids can also be linked to a report and this could be useful from the end-users’ perspective. This is not possible with most link tracking solutions.This is because for each affiliate link the users have to create different tracking links.

Track Pages That Are Not Yours: This is another big advantage as far as this tool is concerned. In a normal situation, when somebody buys something on your page or opts-in, the link automatically takes the visitor to the thank you page. While this is standard stuff, there is a unique feature that sets apart ClickMagick Affiliate from most others. Within a blink of an eye, the users will be redirected to an external page. This is a simple but extremely effective feature.

Measure Quality Of Traffic: While traffic is important, it is the quality of traffic that matters. Those who have used Clickmagick are extremely satisfied with its ability to measure and analyze the quality of traffic that is coming into your website. It has a traffic quality score and the scoring is done on various parameters.

The tier is perhaps the most important attribute for determining the quality of the traffic. It helps you to push your traffic to tier 1 because the traffic of these tiers originate from countries such as the USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada and other countries. The application recommends that you should have at least 55 as the score for being average, while you should aim at a score of 85 and above.

Notifications Come Into Your Inbox: Not many such service providers have the kind of notification features as is available. You need to go through some simple notification settings. This can be done by entering your phone number and email details. Once this has been done and once the notifications have been enabled you will start getting notifications straight into your inbox.

These notifications help you to be on your toes and if you drop below the required criteria, you can take the required action immediately. The notifications triggers can be set up on various parameters. The parameters include engagement conversion, sales conversion, and action conversion amongst others. This certainly is a big takeaway because the earlier you are able to find out where you are going wrong, the faster you will be able to divert traffic away and offer a better option.

Advantages And Disadvantages


To begin with you get a 14-day free trialYou have different price plans to suit specific requirements. The 14-day free trial does away with the need for refund which often could be a tedious task.It has a number of features including measuring the quality of traffic.It also helps you to get notifications if you are slipping below on various parameters.

The best of after sale support is something that makes it quite different from others. You have various tools to increase the efficiency of the entire product. Quality instructions, FAQs and video tutorials.On the whole it certainly offers very good value for money.


It may not be the product for the faint hearted. It has more than 120 functions and settings and learning them could take time and effort.Setting up a custom domain could have some problems. It lacks live chat support though tutorials and off-line support services are there.

How To Sign Up And Login

As is the case with other such products, the entire sign-up and login process is quite simple. You can login using your mobile phone number, email address or you also could us your Facebook account for the purpose. Once the ID has been created, you will be able to have access to the free trial version.

This of course, will be a basic version and you may not be able to use all the features. If you are happy with the free trial version, you can pay for it and buy different plans. You have three plans, starter, standard and pro. The charges range from $17 a month to $66 a month. The prices vary because of the facilities and features that are allowed.

The Final Word

As an online entrepreneur, you have many reasons to try this product out. This is because ClickMagick is a proven, tried and tested system that could make a big difference to your traffic. It does offer value for money and you have different packages available to suit your specific needs and objectives.

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  • I have been working with Clickmagick for over 6 months now and find it to be one of the best tracking tools I have ever used.

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