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Network Type cpa cpl cps cpi
Niche Ecommerce
Engine In-house proprietary platform
Geo All world North America South America Europe Asia Australia Africa
Payments Bitcoin Payoneer PayPal Wire
Frequency net-7
Min Pay 50

CPABuild is one of the best paying and easy to use CPA affiliate networks. It targets users from all backgrounds, especially beginners who can easily join and earn from affiliate marketing.

With its prebuilt data in terms of niches and landing pages, you do not have to go to great lengths of creating a website and building data from scratch. The site provides you with virtually everything you need.

The site’s locker system enables you to lock content using offer walls, meaning that you immediately earn your money as soon as an offer is completed.

The niches are well optimized ready for sharing and start driving traffic towards your site. Still, you can customize the data, so as to make it sharable with your target groups on social media and any other site you choose to.

What Are Some of the Features of Cpabuild?

The site comes with incredible features. Here are some of them.

1. Customizable Content Locker System

This feature allows you to customize templates and lockers to suit your needs. Basically, all you need to do is go to your landing page, find the kind of a template you would like to use, and insert all the details of the niche you have in mind.

You can then find your content locker to get your URL. The locker pops up anytime time a user tries to access the content. You can also use the same method to customize your landing pages.

2. Excellent Speeds

CPABuild takes advantage of cloud computing. As such, there is a balanced load in its servers, which then ensures fast speeds for its affiliate sites. Uptime speeds are a direct cause for huge high-converting traffic.

3. Attractive Commission System

The nature of any affiliate program is to earn through commissions. The more competitive a commission system is, the more motivated members become. CPABuild provides you with just that.

The leads you generate are all for the sake of your commissions, so you obviously need to keep them coming. The commission system is designed in the form of templates. It means that for every template that you make, you get a total of 5% of all leads that are generated from that page.

Combined with the lucrative referral system, the network remains one of your best income-generating sites of all times.

4. Tracking Software

The platform also comes with highly advanced tracking software, great for generating large amounts of crucial data. As a result, the CPABuild is able to provide its users with detailed statistical data. You can use it to generate as much profit for your site in the best way possible.

As a user, you can also use the same data to target your audience and enrich your niche with appropriate content. The statistics enable you to view virtually everything that is of importance.

Talk of the type of devices your target groups are using, country concentration, and locker information. All these data can guide you in making just the right decisions to amplify your profit margin.

5. Social Media Sharing-enabled

CPABuild is all about sharing, collaboration and teamwork for overall success. The best thing about your affiliate site is that it’s embedded with social media buttons which you can use to share your content and drive as much traffic as you can. You can easily promote your site via youtube and other channels, hence generating leads.

6. Referral Program

The network prides in one of the best referral programs ever. For instance, you benefit from a 5% bonus as a result of any referral you lead to the network. The bigger and more committed a referral team you create, the more you increase your earning potential.

7. No Hosting Is Required

It’s a great advantage for affiliates because you now escape the usual web server expenses. All you are required to is press on the et URL’ link for you to start generating leads.

Another amazing element is that you can start optimizing your pages for SEO, which allows you to rank high on search engines. You definitely know the trickle-effect of such rankings; huge traffic that converts.


  • It takes just a matter of minutes to sign up and get approved.
  • The site provides ease of use, especially for beginners.
  • Users can benefit from a highly rewarding commission system.
  • You do not need a website with web-hosting expenses; instead, you find everything readymade for you to start earning right away.
  • Users can easily access high converting niches, which help to generate leads faster.
  • You can get video tutorials which guide you on just about everything you need to learn.
  • Works on multiple platforms including mobiles. This allows you to run your business while on the move.
  • You can customize the templates to suit your exact niche.


  • If you attempt to switch your niches to public mode, people can easily see them; this can affect your competitive edge.
  • Novices need to first learn how to customize niches and landing pages. It can be time-consuming depending on the rate of understanding of an individual.

Different Payment Methods

The platform consists of a variety of payment methods. These include:

  • PayPal, and Payoneer
  • Bitcoin
  • International wire transfer

Is CPABuild Legit or Scam?

It’s a legit platform which comes with one of the highest CPA marketing campaigns. Other than that, users benefit from weekly payment options. Obviously, it’s a network worth joining.

How to Sign Up and log in

It’s absolutely easy to sign up and join this program. You simply go to their main site and click on the signup link. You are then required to fill in all the correct personal details. Prompts which come up, need to be filled up as well. Approval is usually instant.

CPABuild Offers

There are numerous offers under this program. Here are just a few of them.

  • You get a $5 bonus as soon as you sign up.
  • You get a $5 reward on any referral you make.
  • You are entitled to gifts and bonus once you start generating leads.

Each country is allocated with certain unique offers; so you can choose to promote the offers based on the country of your choice, generate leads, and earn.


CPABuild is one of the best sites, especially if you want to start making money in affiliate marketing right away. It comes with readymade niches as well as landing pages. You have no reason to waste resources on building a new website. All you need is available.

The best thing is that whoever you are, and whatever your area of interest is, you can simply modify the niches to suit anyone you are targeting. CPABuild simply makes affiliate marketing sound too easy to be true, yet it’s true.

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  • (5)

    Cpa Build is one of my favorite networks. Easy to create landing pages and Competitive Commissions. I really like it.

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  • (5)

    Cpabuild is the best CPA affiliate network I’ve ever seen. They have the best offers, the most competitive commissions, and are easy to work with. I would recommend them to any other affiliate marketer who wants to make money doing CPA!

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  • I have dealt with Cpabuild for over 6 months now and I am very happy with the affiliate network. The dashboard has everything that I need to track my budget, earnings, and reports. I would say that the only downside is the CPA rates are not the best around but this is true for most networks. If you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing

  • I just signed up for Cpabuild and I’m really glad that I did. The network is filled with great offers and the affiliate managers are always making sure that I am getting everything I need to succeed. They have created a supportive, loyal environment and it’s one of the reasons I’m so happy to be here.

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About TAP Crew

Hello! I am Mike Hobbs.

My team has been deeply involved in affiliate marketing since 2012.

Over the years, we have gained a huge amount of experience which we have decided to share with everyone planning on making money via affiliate networks.

Don't hesitate to ask questions — We will reply to everyone.

Affiliates Secrets List

Subscribe if you would like to receive the most current advice and secrets of aff marketing.