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A number of people wonder about CPAlead and what is its function and what is the thing actually. So, in this article we have discussed everything about CPAlead and have thus provided a CPAlead review.

Read on to know more about CPAlead and how you can make money from it. If you are already familiar with CPAlead then this article will help you to polish your knowledge and get the maximum benefit out of it.

What is CPAlead?

CPAlead is a website that enables you to create a survey gateway on your website. It is an alternative way of making money online. When someone fills out that survey form from your website you stand the chance of earning $0.30 to $1.50.

It can be understood that CPAlead can work as a great way of income if used correctly. However, if you do not use it correctly and just randomly give out your links of the website over social media platforms then it might not work greatly. In that case you will also not make much money from this site.

If you are eager to make money on CPAlead, then there are some basic techniques and ways that you should follow. The ways of making money on this site are mentioned below.

Advantages and Benefits

There are a number of ways through which you will be able to make money via CPAlead. Some of the most popular ways are:

Surveys: Surveys are quite popular with members of the CPAlead. You can find pages to different niches from your own CPAlead dashboard. You can then promote them on your social media networks.

When someone will choose to view your niche page by clicking on it, then they would have to fill out a simple form of survey as otherwise they will not be able view the content. This will bring you something around 30 cents and $3.

You should choose your niche wisely and then promote it. Watch this video to know how to choose a niche correctly:

Trial: Another way of using CPAlead to make money is using trails. People to whom you send the link that you have must sign up for trailing a certain product or else they will not be able visit that page.

Mobile: This method requires the users to give their mobile numbers in order to access certain content.

This helps you in earning around $3 to $10 for each individual who gives his/her mobile number.

Purchase: In this case, the user of your link needs to buy something so that he can access to the page that you have been promoting. This method is not very popular as not many people will opt for purchasing in order to view certain content.

Pros and Cons

Like every other thing, CPAlead has also got both good and bad sides. Let us take a look at both the pros and cons of using CPAlead.


One of the major benefits of using CPAlead is that it offers weekly payments. This will help you to have a flow of cash throughout the month. There are lots of offers that you can avail.

You will earn good commissions when your techniques of using CPAlead gets successful and people fill out your survey forms or give out their mobile numbers.

Another benefit of CPAlead is that it is quite easy to handle.

You will also get the help of a number of training tools that will help you to get started on the procedure.


Sometimes you end up promoting shady and fishy products that harm your reputation and put a bad mark on your credibility. You will also come across some annoying offers like the trails and various offers related to mobiles.

Payment Methods

CPAlead offers payments daily, weekly and also monthly. With the daily payment scheme you get every day for the previous day’s earning and your minimum earning has to be $10 to be paid by PayPal and $25 to be paid by Payoneer. You can also opt for monthly and weekly payments.

CPAlead Offers

You can promote offers by using CPAlead. Here are the steps that you should follow:

Browse through the offer menu to find various offers related to various categories like application download, survey, submission of pin etc. You will be able to see the offer details on the same page. You should select an offer after understanding it fully and knowing its benefits.

After deciding on the offer you want to promote, scroll the page down and click the button entitled enable selected offers.

Now, you will get the URL of the offer. You can use this URL to promote the order on various platforms of your choice.

Legit or Scam

It can be said with quite conviction that CPAlead is not a scam. It is hundred percent legit website that helps people make money online. If you are wise enough to use the website correctly then you will earn a handsome amount from it.

How to Sign Up and Login

Signing up on CPAlead is quite easy. You can create your account here by using your Google or Facebook id.


In case you have none, you can fill up a form on the site and your account will be created. After you have signed up you will have your id and password and using them you will be able to login your account.

So, it can be said in conclusion that CPAlead is a legit and free money making website available online.

Before you decide to make money through it, make sure to understand its policies completely and read about it as much as possible.

However, be sure about one fact, if you are going for this you don’t have to repent for your decision in future.

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    CpaLead is the best affiliate network out there. I have used them for a few years now and they are always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, trends and working with affiliates. I am very happy with their customer service and level of communication.

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