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Network Type cpa cps cpi
Niche Adult Dating Gambling Gaming Nutra
Geo All world North America South America Europe Asia Australia Africa
Payments ACH Check Paxum Wire
Frequency net-30
Min Pay 100

What is Crakrevenue

Crakrevenue is a leading adult CPA affiliate marketing network that allows subscribers to earn when an internet user takes certain actions such as; completing registration forms, getting a price estimate, or buying items online using their referral links. The term CPA stand for Cost-Per-Action and Crakrevenue uses this model to generate leads quickly for businesses through their affiliates.

Statistics show that this platform has approximately 25,000 marketers enrolled to its CPA program, these professionals make around $40 million each year in profits. Moreover, having been in the industry for more than 10yrs, Crakrevenue has vast experience in online leads generation and provides users some of the most advanced tools to help in marketing.


  • Geo-targeting tool. This useful program allows you to filter online traffic, so as to find the most promising leads that show a greater chance of bringing you higher revenue. Geo-targeting allows for tailormade advertising, whereby you can fashion your ads to be compatible with the viewers’ environment, culture and personal tastes based on their physical location.

Currently, the network’s Geomatik software works with more than 600 products, including several landing pages and ads available in around 20 different languages. Therefore, no matter the country your visitors are coming from, you shall benefit by displaying to them highly-targeted banners that have a higher chance of getting conversions.

  • Stats analysis tool. The website has a free stats & reporting platform that gives you instant updates on the performance of your ads, so as to make improvements where necessary for enhanced output.

The data is sorted based on factors such as date, location, device and vertical among other parameters. Additionally, the program allows for the use of custom filters which you choose for yourself depending on your own special marketing needs.

  • Highly responsive platform. It doesn’t matter whether you own a computer, smartphone, tablet or PC since the affiliate network is accessible from all these platforms. The website has been re-configured to make it easier for users to manage their ads, or check out the stats from any device they have readily available.
  • Ability to develop extra sub-IDs. These affiliate sub-IDs are typically used to pass values, which tell the marketer from which sources their clicks are emanating from, including details concerning the lead such as the time of day it was created, how long it lasted and so on.

When an affiliate incorporates a sub-ID value to a referral link, it shall be registered among the ad servers’ session values, which would then be categorized with the main affiliate ad ID upon a successful conversion. Viewers would then be redirected to the marketer’s landing page, with a choice of bypassing the sub-ID to go straight to the page’s URL.

  • Custom postbacks. Generally, postbacks are used by marketers to gather useful data about the conversions created.

The newly improved site allows subscribers to develop their own postbacks, which can be used for external tracking of campaign programs. This means you won’t have to rely on partner managers, or the company’s own IT team to do the set up for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Dedicated support team ready to help you identify and optimize leads that will function best with your links. The helpdesk is also available 24/7 to answer any queries you may have concerning crakrevenue.
  • One of the highest payout amounts in the affiliate marketing industry, and payments are always done on time without any delays.
  • Multiple CPA advertising offers available on your account to choose from.
  • The platform is easy to use and navigate.


  • The time zones aren’t properly updated.
  • Lengthy payment terms. You need to achieve at least net 30 in your account to start receiving payment.
  • Payment methods

Crakrevenue has a wide range of payout models that you can consider including; Revshare, PPL and PPS.

  1. PPS. This is an efficient 24/7 bill payment system where funds are transferred to the user through a mobile app, tone phone or the web. With PPS, payments can be done at any time and from whichever location.
  2. Revshare. Also known as revenue sharing, it’s an efficient way of earning income from your affiliate marketing, whereby you are paid a certain portion of the profits generated by the clients you refer to a business. For instance, if the client you’ve referred makes a profit of $100,000 in a year, then you may earn $25,000 upon approval if the Revshare commission is set at 25%.
  3. PPL. The term PPL stands for Pay Per Lead, it’s a payment method whereby the site offers you money each time a visitor performs a certain defined action, for instance, if they submit their email to receive regular updates from the company.

The user may either opt for a single opt-in (SOI), where they only provide their email contact without confirming, or double opt-in (DOI) where they submit their email and then click on the link availed for confirmation.


One of the benefits of working with this affiliate program is that they’ll update you on the most profitable marketing programs available in the market. You will receive free insight on which offers have the best conversion rates, and also quick tips on how to effectively market them. Typically, Crakrevenue provides this information to its users every week.

The site shall inform you about the latest ad tools, new tours and most promising landings that are guaranteed to improve your sales.

Legit or Scam?

CrakRevenue is a 100% Legit affiliate marketing site that was rated the Best Adult Affiliate Network of 2019. In fact, the company has received more than 20 awards ever since its inception in 2010, including the prestigious MThink Blue Book award.

How to Sign Up and login

  • Go to crakrevenue’s official site and enter your personal details on the available registration form. Some of the things they request include; your name, address and billing information.
  • Verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email
  • Watch a short webinar provided by the company to learn how to use your affiliate account effectively.
  • Identify the best deals for your traffic and start promoting your links online
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  • CrakRevenue is the best affiliate network I have ever seen. It has a lot of high quality offers that can generate huge commissions.

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