Education Affiliate Programs

We live in the age of technology where we can learn everything by typing and clicking those words on the computer. Now, we can learn everything by sitting in our room. Online education is emerging in society and trending with every passing day.

Knowledge is limitless, and learning does not belong to any age. Tutors are available online to help you, whether it’s a theory or a skill. Education programs include everything from K-12, higher education, job training, music, art and many others. E-learning and digital learning made it possible for everyone to get coaching from far off places.

If you have an educational blog, you can monetize your blog by joining educational affiliate programs. There are thousands of educational programs that need affiliates to promote them. It is a young but lucrative niche. Educational marketing is growing every year and will burst the market with its profits in the coming years.

Joining an educational affiliate program will give you a chance to earn extra money apart from your blog. Education niche is a vast niche as education affiliate programs cover a wide range from traditional learning to advance medical certification. The selection of niche and sub-niche will be easy for you.

Now the question popping in your mind will be about how it gives you a commission. Education Affiliate programs provide you with commission in many ways. Some affiliate programs will give you profit if a student joins an online course using your referral link. They will give you a fixed amount like $30, $40, or so on.

The other way of getting a commission from affiliate programs is on a percentage basis. For example, the program has fixed a percentage of 10% commission for every online course. Now, if a student joins a course worth $100, you will get $10 commission. If a student joins a course worth $1000, you will get $100 profit.

You can check the list below to choose best education affiliate programs with complete details.

# Logo Name Comission Cookie Link Score 
1 Edugram up to 80% Join 4.5
2 Edu Money 20% - 70% Join 4.5
3 Super Affiliate Network up to ∞ Join 4.33
4 StudyBay 80$ Join 4.33
5 Edu Affiliates up to 70% Join 4.33
6 Coursera 20% - 45% Join 4.17
7 Skillshare 10% Join 4.17
8 QuickStart 30% Join 4
9 Advanced Medical Certification 25% Join 4
10 Scribendi 10% Join 4
11 Teachable 30% Join 4
12 PDHengineer 12% Join 4
13 Visual Thesaurus 10% Join 4
14 eTeacher up to 200$ Join 4
15 Simplilearn up to 290$ Join 4
16 Creative Live 20% Join 4
17 Testprep up to 25% Join 4
18 International Open Academy 20% - 50% Join 4
19 Pearson it Certification 8% Join 4
20 Best EduDeal up to 65% Join 3.83
21 Legacy Learning Systems 20% Join 3.67
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