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What is Hasoffers

Hasoffers is a business management tool that offers users a platform to administer their marketing, email support, attribution scoring and conversion tracking programs from one portal.

The software is popular among businesses of all categories, including small, medium and largescale companies as it helps to ease up their day to day operations. It’s commonly used in major industries such as media & publishing, marketing, app development and online finance among others.

This software was created by Tune Inc., which is a modern business solutions company that’s currently based in Washington, US.

Hasoffers Features/Benefits

  • Conversion tracking software. Hasoffers has an in-built analytics system that allows you to measure the success rate, or ROI (return on investments) of your ads through SSL tracking using HTTPS. With this system, you’ll be able to track your social media sites, online videos, apps and banners to determine whether they are bringing in active leads or not.

Additionally, the program allows for creation and monitoring of image/impression pixels, which is a HTML code snippet that’s activated when a visitor opens your webpage or clicks on an email link. The application is useful for assessing consumer-behavior and conversions as related to your ads.

Typically, an impression pixel consists of a small photo with a source code embedded on it, such that when a visitor clicks on this image from their email or by visiting the owner’s website, certain crucial information such as the visitor’s location, time of use and duration of interacting with the ad will be displayed to the Hasoffers user.

  • Affiliate management tools. The site provides an infographic dashboard that affiliate marketers can use to gain insight about their campaign performance, all from a single source. Moreover, if you run several programs on the network, you’ll be able to access your entire affiliate data from a single place, and filter the information based on factors like the network used, program name and so on.

Similarly, the site has a special affiliate referral commission service, which allows you to earn money each time your partner refers other users to the product. For this service, you may either earn a one-time, flat rate or recurring commission that’s sent to you after each billing period depending on the referred partners’ overall income.

To take advantage of this offer, your affiliate marketing partners need to use the unique sign-up links found on their referral report page. Hasoffers also provides subscribers with affiliate access to API consent, whereby you’ll get an instant notification prompting you to check the incoming affiliate requests for approval.

  • Email & chat support available. The site has a 24/7 email and chat helpdesk team, which is ready to help you solve any account management problems you may encounter. Additionally, they can give you insights on how to better handle your communications, conversions and ad promotions using the platform.
  • Affiliate fraud prevention system. The network has an effective fraud detection program, which can filter out spam, duplicate IPs, bots, and emulators that may be added onto your online ads by some unscrupulous third-parties or even your competitors. When integrated into your ads, the security program shall be able to track all your ads and notify you in case of any fraud anomaly detected.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Custom account packages. Depending on the option that you choose, you can add as many functions as possible to your account including; API support, smartphone device parameters, multiple languages & currencies and real-time reporting among others.
  • For marketers, it allows for easy vetting of affiliates to determine whether they are qualified to enter your marketing program or not.
  • The platform is cloud-based meaning you can access it from any location, even when traveling away from your home country.
  • The interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate even for beginners. Furthermore, the site allows you to conveniently transfer data in csv. file extensions, which permit for largescale file uploads to other applications you may also be using.
  • Can be used with many different affiliate programs that one may be running, it also includes features such as deep-linking and graphs that make it easier to track your conversions.
  • Affordable pricing with multiple packages to choose from including; basic edition, pro version and enterprise version.


  • Occasionally the data generated may not be fully accurate, which will require counterchecking with other sources.
  • There are times when data processing may be slow.
  • It could take long to set-up your account.
  • Affiliate program

Hasoffers’ affiliate program gives users an opportunity to earn money by promoting the products of different brands online. As an affiliate, you will receive compensation from the company if your marketing campaigns achieve a certain desired consumer-oriented goal, such as when they buy an item, register for an offer or complete a form.

Generally, affiliates complement the activities of online promoters by providing maximum exposure for their brands, which often leads to increased sales and profits. The Hasoffers affiliate package is open to everyone, so long as you have the knowledge and drive to start generating revenue through digital marketing.

Payment Methods

The site provides multiple payment methods that you can choose from based on what fits you best. They include the following:-

  • CPA. Also known as cost-per-acquisition, it’s the most popular affiliate payment method, whereby a commission is paid to the marketer after a complete sale is made.
  • CPC. The Cost Per Click payment method is whereby a fee is provided for each ad impression made online
  • CPM. The Cost Per Mile model is whereby an affiliate receives payment for every 1000 impressions received from their advertising materials, which may include banners, referral links, ad flyers and even videos.

How to Sign Up and login to Hasoffers

Hasoffers provides a very simple registration model for both networks and advertisers. Below are some of the steps you need to follow during sign up:-

  1. Visit the sign-up form available on the official website and enter the details required including; business name, phone contacts, address and tax ID number which is optional.
  2. Set up your account by entering your login information, which are your username and password.
  3. Next, log into your email and click on the link sent to you by Hasoffers to complete the verification process.
  4. You can now proceed to use your new account and customize it as much as possible.
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  • I am not a fan of Hasoffers. They are not responsive to customer needs and often fail to address issues in timely manner. I would avoid using this product if possible.

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