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An Honest Review of Healthy Chef Creations

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iIt is true that diet sucks and preparing healthy meals is time-consuming, but is Healthy Chef Creations the best option to bridge this gap? Well, our unbiased Healthy Chef Creations will reveal all the facts regarding this nationwide food delivery service. Read on to know more.

So, What Is Healthy Chef Creations?

Founded in 2001 in Orlando, Florida and developed by John Procacci, Health Chef Creation has been getting great reviews from nutritionists and recommendations from food experts. Marketed as one of the best meal delivery service, this foodies’ favorite stand out for specializing in organic, fresh diets. All their foods are made from natural ingredients that have no additives or artificial preservatives.

They deliver organic, fresh meals to your doorstep, thereby relieving you the hassles of grocery shopping as well as meal preparations. What’s more, they allow you to select your preferred meal plan for the week, which they prepare and deliver to your doorstep every day. And although their prices are quite high compared to most food delivery services, you can take advantage of coupons and promo codes they offer.

With this meal delivery service, you can choose from their 6 healthy meal programs, order a customized meal program, or select your dishes.

The menu is dynamic and comprises of more than 60 items. Therefore, you are sure to find a wide variety of tasty options. You can order meal plans for different times of the day, including breakfasts, lunches, desserts, dinners, and add-ons such as salads, snacks, soups, drinks, and more.

Besides the everyday meal plans, they also offer meal plans for weight loss.

Features/Benefits of Healthy Chef Creations

Organic, healthy, fresh meals
One of the key things that make Healthy Chef Creations stand out is their strict adherence to healthy living. With an emphasis on whole foods and natural ingredients, their meals are always organic and healthy.

Complete daily meals
With this food delivery service, you have everything you need for your day in terms of meals. From breakfast and lunches to dinners and desserts, Healthy Chef Creations has you covered. This means you can use the precious time you could have gone for groceries shopping and preparing meals to do other valuable tasks.
They are a great option if you are too busy to prepare meals or when you just want to relax, especially during weekends.

Options for all
Do you have a specific food preference? Have allergies for certain ingredients? Healthy Chef has you covered. When signing up for meal deliveries on their website, you can include the ingredients you don’t want to be included in your meals.
Therefore, if you want meals without cheese or gluten-free meals, you can always specify that.

Individual plans
Health Chef Creations offers individual plans that focus on balanced nutrition and portion control based on the Mediterranean-style diet.

Here are the three main plans:

  1. Organic Weight Loss- for people who want to succeed in their weight loss journey. These foods are low in calories and fat but tasty
  2. Whole Family- they are balanced to meet dietary needs of the whole family
  3. Momilicious- these are ideal for new moms or moms-to-be who want to eat healthy meals that suits their body needs

A variety of tasty meals
There are hundreds of recipes that have been developed by Healthy Chefs in the last two decades, and they keep adding more. This means you will be spoilt of choices; from flax seed and banana pancakes for breakfast to marinated wild salmon for lunch, there is everything for everyone in their menu.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Meals from Healthy Chef Creations


  • They deliver meals to all parts of the US, which means wherever you are, Healthy Chef meals can be delivered to you
  • They have different meals plans including a weight loss plans to suit everyone
  • Meals are delivered in microwave- and oven-safe containers that are BPA-free
  • Their meals are always fresh and are delivered to your doorstep in ready-to-eat form
  • There are over 1000 different tasty recipe which means you never have to eat the same meal twice
  • You are given an opportunity to customize your menu. This means you can choose the meals to eat at any time


  1. Although their shipping cost is subsidized, it is not free
  2. Their prices are quite high, but this is due to the high costs of organic foods

Is Healthy Chef Creations A Better Option?

Meal delivery services have become popular in recent years, with some turning out to be a scam and unreliable. Therefore, it is important to know whether a food delivery service is legit or scam? For Healthy Chef Creations, it is not a question of if it is legit or scam, it is a question of if it lives up to its hype.

For those who want to eat nutritionally-balanced meals prepared from fresh, whole, organic produce and ingredients by health-conscious chefs, then Health Chef is a worthy option. They are passionate about preparing fresh, tasty, organic foods that help people live a healthy life.

With nearly two decades in food delivery field, this company has received numerous national accolades for both quality and healthy foods for families, singles, and couples alike as well as dieters, trainers, and celebrities.

How to Sign Up and Login

To signup, go to Healthy Chef Creations and key in your details. You give them your food preferences as well as any food sensitivities or allergies you may have.

There is also the option to choose the number of calories you want to consume per day if you choose to sign up for the weight loss diet.

Orders can be placed on the website or via phone. Regardless of the channel you use, it is easy to tailor your meals as per your food preferences.

There is also an option to make sub-profiles for your family members or friends on your account and add their food preferences as well.

When you place your order, the chefs will prepare the dishes based on the information you have filled on your account. This is why it is important to specify the ingredients that are allergic to you and those you would wish to avoid. For those on a weight loss plan, meals are delivered based on your caloric needs.

To login to your account, you only need to enter your username and password.

Currently, Health Chef Creations is offering special discounts. Use this coupon code (Insert your coupon code here) to earn (Percentage) discount.

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