Top Tips Of Becoming A Twitch Affiliate

Some time ago, I had been wondering how I could earn from my passion about blogging until my help came through WordPress. You too may be having the same problem as I had, what can you do to make a living by streaming what you do? In a nutshell, how do you grow to become a twitch affiliate might be what is troubling you now. Just as I was helped to realize my dream, I will take you through the journey of becoming a twitch affiliate.

A twitch affiliate is a part-time streaming of what you love or specialize in that enables you to make a living. This is facilitated by the twitch programme. The process might not be simple as it seems to be because you will have to struggle in all means to become a twitch affiliate.

However, the good news is that it is your hard work and determination is what will take you to your dream of being a twitch affiliate. This is because there is no application for being an affiliate but you are rather invited upon meeting some set minimum requirements. This brings forth the million dollar question, what are the minimum requirements for being a twitch affiliate?

Prerequisites For Being A Twitch Affiliate

You need to have an audience for you to become an affiliate. This therefore logically prompts the requirements. Thus, there is no need to worry about the requirements as they are easily achieved but only with passion and the hard work towards your goal. The requirements include:

  • Having 8 hours of streaming in the previous 30 days
  • 7 unique steaming days in the last 30 days
  • Having more than 50 followers
  • 3 simultaneous viewers in the last 30 days or at least 30 viewers in a week.

Basically, becoming a twitch affiliate is reduced to these four requirements. We will look at how you can beat each one of them and place yourself in the twitch affiliate arena.

#480 minutes of Streaming In the Previous 30 days

Passion beats almost everything. Now, passion added to hard work makes one become indomitable. Thus, to have the eight hours become easy, be passionate about the games you play and devote your time to it. Many people who are passionate about what they stream find these 8 hours not a task but rather an encouragement to streaming.

To get eight hours a month, you do not need to stream daily. There is the need to avoid short streaming sessions as this may lose some potential followers who find your steaming shallow. Thus, an ideal and working streaming session time should last for at least 2 hours. You can set a duration more than this but be careful not to make it so long to keep viewers off and bored. There are a lot of twitching stats available and you can always get aggregates for the mean steaming time.

Concluding on this requirement, the verdict for most people has been that it is easily achievable. It is only 16 minutes a day, so adjust your schedule, those 20 minutes chores, do them quicker and save some few minutes. You will easily be able to balance between what you are doing and part-time twitching.


Getting 50 followers may not be the easiest of tasks if you do not plan well. You are new in the field, no network or a clue about who might be your fan or biggest critic. Moreover, no one knows of your steaming schedule.

To beat the obstacles, use social media platforms as the springboard avenues. Use a consistent brand name across all platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Blog and post of your streaming times on your social media walls. At least, one or two people will like or comment on your post.

After getting one or two followers, make follow-ups on them. Ensure that you know how they are doing and ask for their opinions about your streams. Make them feel that they are part of a family. Make them feel that their opinion counts and they are part of your streams as well. Then, ask them for friends who might like your streaming category and slowly grow a community. Yes, the requirement is set at 50 but do not aim at that only. Use a proper strategy that creates a big community that will stay loyal even as time passes. It is worth remembering that you get payments for every subscription and a lot of viewers means more cash.

#7 unique Broadcasts In A Month

Uniqueness is a key to standing out of the big twitch streaming community. So, when you try to get the seven unique sessions, bear in mind that they could set you apart from the rest. A great tip has viewed the sessions as not a requirement but what sets you like the best from the rest

Even after being unique and doing your best, seek constructive criticism and ask for friends and family advice. Brainstorm with your audience, they can really give you an idea on how to be even more unique. It is also a great idea to establish a network of other players in the twitch streaming service. Learn from them but do not spam them.

#3 concurrent Viewers or 30 viewers In 30 days

I choose to tackle this last because it may seem so close to the above requirements yet it is very different. There is one thing about having followers and having active followers. Some people will hit the follow icon so that the can be good and supportive. You should know that some people just do not get the idea that following and watching streams are different.

Thus, make them understand the difference. The trick to this is to make them understand that you are planning to build a long career in the industry. Let them know that it is their views that will make your dream come true. Above all, do not sound individualistic in pursuit of your dream. Approach them respectfully, make them understand that they are supporting your dream voluntarily and that you appreciate that very much. Otherwise, if you sound mean in pursuing your dream and appreciate them less, your audience may dwindle.

I strongly advise against making arrangements with your audience to have three of them viewing your stream at a prior agreed time. It may work but you will never get the long lasting and big audience you need.

General Guide To Being A Twitch Affiliate

The above tips are specific to meeting the requirements of being a twitch affiliate. In this guide, we will get an idea of the general approach that you can use to attain your goal of being a twitch affiliate. Note that this is more of a dream chasing strategy. You can use it for the twitch affiliate level and twitch partner level too. Moreover, it is an idea applicable to many tasks, especially that need you to have an audience.

Spell out your general objectives and dreams first. These general objectives must cover all the requirements and fields required for long term success in your career. For instance, you can spell out the level of your twitching account status in a years time.

The next step is slowly analyzing the various things that you need to do to achieve your target or simply the outlined objectives. These comprise of both the short term and the specific long term goals that you need to achieve even in the future. It would be better to even divide these objectives into even more specific and less complex goals. That way, you can easily list what each particular goal to be achieved with ease and its exhaustively. For instance, the short term specific goal could be getting 50 followers and you can further break it into means of getting the first five followers. That way, you list the activities for hitting five rather than fifty and you are likely to be exhaustive.

After setting the long general goals and breaking it into short term goals, you need to understand how to achieve these small goals. First, the advice is key. Learn from others and have ideas on how to become a twitch affiliate. List everything each goal needs doing to be achieved.

Lastly, cascade a clear line of vision on how everyday to day activity on the twitch programme will help you reach your dreams. Base everything for achieving your affiliate goal to everyday activity linked to twitching.

Tips About Becoming and Improving Twitch Affiliate Level

•Envision – Create a clear line of sight against a backdrop of sufficient community building. You also need to state the assumptions your goal depends on. Make sure that they are realistic.

  • Make what you envision a part of you. The dream should be a basic need for you. Talk about it to friends, watch anything related to what you want to stream about. Grow vast knowledge about it. Arouse enough passion in you about twitching. Use the fact that you will make a living by doing what you love as a driver to being passionate about getting at the twitch affiliate arena.
  • Create a strong connection with the other streamers. Get to know how they go about it, how do they interact with their audience? are they actively involved in social media platforms or websites? This will help you set your own style of streaming and perfecting in your activities. Remember it is not advisable to copy the streaming habits of your friends, choose to learn and do it your own way.
  • Engage-Using every single twitching activity, set out to reach your goals. Develop strict timetables, schedules and brainstorm. Let everyone know of your dream. Your family should help you in building your community. It does not have to be you interacting with your followers or prospect followers, a trustworthy person with better social skills can help you with that.

Benefits of becoming a twitch affiliate

There are a wide range of benefits you could enjoy for being a twitch affiliate. Am sure you are aware of how much you could gain by investing your efforts in the affiliate program, otherwise you would have aborted the plan if there was no goal. I will therefore highlight some of the gains you could earn by being a twitch affiliate.

Twitch subscriptions

Earning through the twitch subscriptions majorly depends on the number of followers. If you have more followers subscribing to your channel for even $24.99 then your earnings will be high. You will be able to receive 50% of the total earnings from the subscriptions and it is thus a good idea to encourage more people to subscribe to your channel.

Twitch bits

These are simply some small donations made by gamers or rather viewers for services enjoyed in various sites. As a twitch affiliate therefore, you will be able to earn at least one cent for each bit spend by the viewers on the site or rather a channel.

Affiliate links

After becoming a twitch affiliate you will also have the chance to earn from affiliate links. However this may be a different program from the twitch affiliate but you can also market other people’s products by sending the affiliate links to your followers and as a result earn a commission.

Becoming a twitch affiliate is not an easy thing as discussed here in, you will have to be passionate and put more efforts for you to succeed. Do not however stress yourself too much that you will have to do it in a few months maybe like your fellow streamers. This should not be the case everyone has their own luck and it would be unfair to keep comparing yourself with other people. Just be objective and struggle to see your dream come true. It does not matter when you will finally achieve it but just keep making improvements each time and you will finally attain what you have always longed for.

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About TAP Crew

Hello! I am Mike Hobbs.

My team has been deeply involved in affiliate marketing since 2012.

Over the years, we have gained a huge amount of experience which we have decided to share with everyone planning on making money via affiliate networks.

Don't hesitate to ask questions — We will reply to everyone.

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