How to Get More Followers on Facebook

In today’s social media age, Facebook is of paramount importance. Users often look to a Facebook as an online newspaper. Whether it’s the latest professional opinion or politics, people turn to Facebook for the information they want to know.

Facebook effects life; it gives people ideas, lets them know what’s happening, and shows them what’s cool. Knowing that, it’s no wonder that having a business page on Facebook helps grow your business. At the same time, you have to know how to manage the page to get the optimum results. Today, we’re going to discuss ten ways to get more Facebook followers.

1. Post Relevant Content and Emphasize Your Strengths

Have a really cool event coming up? Be sure to let your followers know about it and what makes it special. This will help you for the following reasons:

  • People will be drawn more to content in which they feel is exciting and important.
  • Cutting edge content helps your company develop a certain amount of hype, which is a great way to build your brand and separate it from competitors.
  • The post will position you as a company which is in the center of things. What can be better for making you relevant than that?

2. Allow Companies to Advertise on Facebook

Plugins like Facebook Ads help to draw people to your business and increase the number of followers. Doing this helps:

  • Broaden your audience.
  • Keep people outside of your inner circle aware of any public events your company may have coming up.
  • Generate new business leads.

Ultimately, in business there is something called the “strength of weak ties.” This means that the people you know the least often know the most people who you don’t know. Expanding your network to include a vast number of people helps to get your name out there and ultimately increase revenue.

3. Hashtags

Hashtagging is a popular way to get all kinds of people to view your content. Just put an # before relevant words to your post and watch some extra views come in! Hashtags allow you to:

  • Share your content with people who wouldn’t otherwise see it.
  • Build your fanbase.
  • Allow people to understand what your brand offers and how it relates to what you are doing.

4. Promote Your Page

There are many ways to promote your Facebook page, from posting it on internet forums to inviting other Facebook users. A personal invite may mean more to someone than simply seeing an ad posted, because it shows that you thought of them. Also, it makes them feel like the page may be more interesting to them.

5. Go “Live”

People don’t go out as much these days. If someone doesn’t want to go to your event in person (or can’t because they live too far away), try Facebook Live. Facebook Live allows users to see and interact with your event either through the computer or the mobile app. It allows more people to see your content and also requires minimal energy on their part. Try to get your event televised on the Facebook Live Map, which is a tool to get more people to see what you’re doing, it will increase your viewers.

6. Make Facebook Events

When you have an important event coming up, make a “Facebook Event” and invite as many people as you can. Doing this helps because:

  • More people find out about your event, when it’s happening, and where.
  • They can find out what will be happening and who will be attending.
  • People can comment on the event with thoughts and questions.

7. Partner Up With Friends

A team is often stronger than being by yourself, and cross-promoting can really help. You can promote their work and they can promote yours. Going back to the concept of “the strength of weak ties,” your colleague may know many people you don’t, and having them share your page with their friends can give your page some great exposure. It also helps strengthen a business connection.

8. Support Other Pages and Businesses

As the saying goes, you can’t get respect until you have given it. If you never support other pages, it’s a tall order to expect to receive the support that you want. Also, asking a question as simple as, “How do I see my followers on Facebook?” can help. View your followers’ pages and see what makes them tick. Whether you’re commenting on a page, writing a message to say “hi,” or checking out a product, this helps build connections. Also, commenting on a post allows your name or page to be seen by others, which goes a long way toward building name-recognition.

9. Post Videos on Your Page

Posting videos helps a lot with developing a fanbase because it keeps viewers entertained and interested. As with any business, the more you can capture the attention of your viewers, the more likely they are to return to your page. They will also be more likely to:

  • Share your content.
  • Comment and like your content (which may help more people see it).
  • Pay closer attention to a video than to a text post.

10. Respond to Questions and Comments

In this day and age, it is often surprising how few business interact with their fanbases. Many do not respond to commenters and miss out on opportunities to interact and develop rapport. Taking advantage of this opportunity can be extremely helpful.

Ultimately, getting activity on your Facebook page is like running most businesses. Capitalizing on opportunities, using new technology, and building relationships with clients will give you results. There are many new ideas to consider, and many ways to get more followers. What will work best for you may vary by situation, but give these ideas serious consideration and your number of followers will definitely increase.

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