How to Earn Money Online in a Business with ClickBank

ClickBank is the Grand Central Station of Affiliate Marketplaces.  It is a location where affiliates and vendors get together to do business with one another and earn money online.

Vendors add their products, and ClickBank takes it from there. Affiliates promote those products, and when a sale is made–ClickBank handles that transaction as well.

What Is Unique About ClickBank That Makes Them Different?

ClickBank is a subsidiary of Keynetics, Inc. It is a privately held company–in business since 1998. Today they are reportedly the 87th largest retailer ( on the internet in North America.

ClickBank has been affording affiliates the opportunity to earn money online for more than twenty years. They are well established, and over the years–they have continually improved their platform.

In a recent comparison to competitors, FinanceOnline Reviews for Business stated that “ClickBank has a 98 percent user satisfaction rating.” (

What Are the Pros & Cons of the ClickBank Opportunity?

ClickBank is a perfect place for beginners who need a step by step process to earn money fast. Moreover, it is straightforward to make money online with ClickBank.

Vendors–who have products to sell–go to ClickBank and register, so affiliates can find them. Affiliates–who earn money online–go to ClickBank to find products offered by vendors, which are relative to their niche. Sometimes they have a website, and sometimes they are without a website.

Equally, it pays to do thorough research before selecting a product to market. Not all of ClickBank’s products are created equal.  In fact, some are downright awful. Therefore, in the interest of your own reputation–try the products first, to be sure you want to market them.

On the other hand, you may find that the better products have a lot of competition with other affiliates already marketing them.

How to Become an Affiliate or a Vendor with ClickBank – or Both!

To signup for ClickBank, go to their website. The information you need is on the front page, above the fold. Once you’ve created an account, you can use it as a vendor, as an affiliate, or as both. Be sure that you have JavaScript and cookies enabled, so their website can function correctly. Please check below for more instructions on signing up.

Also, it is imperative to learn their system, which will help keep you out of trouble with the rules. ClickBank University and its Knowledge Base, are candid and easy to understand. Educate yourself before you jump in.

How to Make Money with ClickBank If You Are a Vendor…

ClickBank’s platform empowers affiliates and vendors alike to earn money online.  For example, a vendor is permitted to have up to 500 products  (, while there is no limit to the number of products an affiliate can promote.

Albeit, it is not without cost to a vendor, who pays an up-front activation fee in addition to $1 plus 7.5 percent of each sale to ClickBank. Additionally, there are other requirements for vendors. One example is a landing page, called a HopLink Target URL.  Affiliates sometimes use this information page as a marketing tool to earn money online.

How to Make Money with ClickBank If You Are an Affiliate…

Predominantly, affiliates use their own websites to drive traffic. The commonly accepted 15-second rule is average for a visitor who is greeted with a slow page, no engagement, and no information immediately available regarding why they came in the first place.

A profitable, affiliate monetized website is:

  • Engaging,
  • Loads Quickly,
  • Streamlined,
  • Smooth Operating,
  • Has Clear, Concise Calls to Action.

The number of sales, divided by the number of visitors to your site equals your conversion rate. Conversion rate is based on traffic and the performance of your website once the traffic arrives.

The affiliate marketing business is not for those who give up easily. Of course, for those who keep at it–it will make money online for you–even while you sleep!

How to Choose Products to Help You Make Money with ClickBank…

ClickBank’s gravity filter is a tool to help affiliates find products to promote. Moreover, results are based on the product’s performance with other affiliates. In addition, their featured products section is also a safe place to begin because products found there already have an approval rating.

In order to locate the best products to promote, research is essential. Look for the higher gravity scores.  If possible–buy the product, and try it out yourself. Maintaining your integrity is worth the extra effort.

Also, check each vendor’s affiliate cookie policy, and look for the following:

  • Learn what percentage of the sale they pay (60-75%).
  • Do they offer recurring, monthly payments on recurring billings?
  • How do they handle referral payments, when someone you refer makes a purchase or becomes an affiliate?
  • Are they keeping track of your customer, even if they cancel and come back to join again?
  • Comparison shop the product and see if the same or a better product offers a higher commission.
  • Are there upsells in their funnel?

How to Get Paid by Clickbank When You Make a Sale

When you earn money online with ClickBank (, they pay out regularly, but it depends on the choices you have made for yourself. For example, do you prefer a check or direct deposit? Are you banking with PayPal or a regular bank? There are many such decisions to make when you set up your account.

The simplified answer is:

  • 1. Login to your account on ClickBank.
  • 2. Find the Reporting tab and click on it.
  • 3. Locate “Paychecks.”

When the Paychecks section comes into view, you will find lists of every pay period. It also lists the frequency of payments, the number of times you have been paid, and whether you receive weekly or bi-weekly payments.

How to Review Profitable Products as a ClickBank Affiliate & Why Do It?

Right out of the gate–the reason to write product reviews is profit! When you have taken the time to purchase and use a product, there is a genuineness that comes across. People trust people who have a testimony about their own experience. This alone should be enough reason to get you moving as a product reviewer.

  • Purchase the product and begin using it.
  • Research the product and comparable products.
  • Presell the product through a review and comparison list.
  • Do a keyword search, so your results will be optimized.
  • Use an Excel spreadsheet to highlight the comparisons.
  • Create an outline of the points you intend to make:
    • Title;
    • Introduction;
    • Features & Benefits;
    • Pros & Cons;
    • Product Results;
    • Product Pricing;
    • Call 2 Action.
  • Write your answers to each one under its heading.
    • Let it sit and marinate for a while.
    • Come back to it, and go section by section fine-tuning your work.
    • Send out your review to your list, and post it on social media sites

How Does ClickBank Analytics Offer You Greater Opportunity?

Viewing your analytics account in real time, and seeing your own trends over time can be very telling. It leaves nothing to the imagination when the data is right in front of you. Your decisions are made with intentional precision, as opposed to being made off the cuff. You feel satisfied that you are in charge of your own destiny.

Do not let fate have its way with your business. Dig in and learn ClickBank analytics from the first time you earn money online with ClickBank. (

How to Sign up and Log in to ClickBank

Visit When you arrive on the main page, click on the “create account” link. On the next page, enter all of your personal information–completing all of the fields. Click next at the bottom of the page, and enter your financial information.

Read and agree to the client contract. Enter more information regarding your account ID, and then create a password. It is important to complete the information as requested. You can find their knowledge base at

Your login will be whatever you determined when you entered your personal information. It is that simple, and now you are ready to earn money online with ClickBank! Go for it!

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