Insurance Affiliate Programs

The evergreen industry is the insurance industry because we all need to get insured, whether it is home insurance, car insurance, rental insurance, health insurance and others. It is the need of today’s lives. Every person is insured in one way or another.

Insurance niche is the most lucrative niche, especially if you join an insurance affiliate program; it will like cheery on the cake. Insurance affiliate programs are more beneficial because you can link it to different audiences. You can invite diverse audiences because insurance covers almost everything like a car, home, travel, marriage, health and even our pets.

Insurance affiliate programs give you profit in many ways. Some affiliate programs provide you with a commission of $5 to $20 every time a person signs up for a quote. In this way, you will earn money even if your referred person doesn’t spend money.

Some affiliate programs give you commission per lead. Whenever a person referred by you purchase insurance, you will earn a profit. Some affiliate programs provide you with a commission based on application type. For example, you will receive a high commission on family and business applications. However, you will also earn commission on dental, student and short term applications.

The commission varies according to the insurance types, but you will earn for sure. It is a money-making niche with a vast audience reach. Have a look at the table below to choose the best insurance affiliate programs for you.

# Logo Name Comission Cookie Link Score 
1 Liberty Mutual 3$ - 17$ Join 4.33
2 Ladder Life up to 1000$ Join 4.17
3 NetQuote 2,50$ - 20$ Join 4
4 RoamRight 15% Join 4
5 Travel Protection 15$ Join 4
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