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LinkBucks: A Comprehensive Review 2022

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Link shortening is without doubt one of the easiest ways of making money online. It is a good revenue source for starters as well as the seasoned online experts. However, with scams all over the internet, it can be tricky to get a reliable company. Have you ever heard of LinkBucks? I came across these guys and I was extremely excited about them. I know you are probably wondering what is LinkBucks, right?

What is LinkBucks?

LinkBucks is a company that has set a system that shortens website URLs to a new link which earns you money. When you share the link online, and people click on it, you get paid. It is an affiliate marketing company that deals with promoting ads.

The shortened links usually carry ads that are displayed on the website when the visitor opens the link. That is how you get paid.

LinkBucks started in 2005, making it one of the most trusted link shortening services. It is this persistence in the market that has made it popular. Over the years, they have been enhancing their systems, and that is why one of the best in the market. So if you want to make money online with a URL shortener, this is one of the best options.

How to Use

If you are wondering how LinkBucks works, then you will be surprised by how easy it is to use. Whether you are this one of the easiest link shortening services around.

You just need to go through a few steps to set up the account and start making money. There are 4 steps on how to use LinkBucks.

  1. Creating a LinkBucks account is the first step. You need to sign up and get your account approved. To do that, you will need to have a varied email address for the account verification. Once you verified the account and approved it, start the process of making money.
  2. Types of links to shrink. The second step is figuring out the kind of website links you will be shrinking and how they will be shared. They are many options that you can pick from. For instance, you can choose funny video links, picture links, or even links linking to your social media accounts. That is a pretty easy step.
  3. Choose Ads. LinkBucks has various categories of ads to choose from depending on your audience. You will also need to choose your page content and the lias” URL. Then shrink the link and share it. That is how you start making money instantly. Note that after shrinking, you will get something similar to this “”
  4. The fourth step is optional, but very essential if you don’t want your audience to know that you’re using LinkBucks. That is why you need to think about another link shortening service such as ( to hide the LinkBucks.

These are the four steps to start making money with LinkBucks. It will take just a few minutes to set up an account and start making money. If you are using PayPal for payment, you can get paid once your earnings reach the cash-out amount, which $10.

The Main Features

There are five main features of LinkBucks that make it easy to use and super effective. These are features that have made the system maintain its reputation and popularity as link shortening services. Here are 5 features that stand out:

Link shortening and customization.

LinkBucks provides users several options that suit their target market or audience. First, you can choose to either link to a family-friendly website or an adult (18+) content site. Below that, you have three options of ads to pick from.

They include a short link, intermission, and Pop Under ads. Lastly, you can choose the “Alias URL,” hence determining how you want your link to display. If you don’t LinkBucks to appear in the link, you can choose another option.


There are 3 main tools. First, Multiple Link Shrinker allows users to copy a page’s HTML, paste it in, and the tool will generate a new page will all new links shortened. Second, the Full Page Script tool enables users to add a code to the website, and every link in it is turned into a paid LinkBucks link. Lastly, the Visit Scrip tool that directs visitors to an ad and then take them back to the user’s website.


LinkBucks offer users an opportunity to advertise their site or content. However, you will need to part with $20 before you can start enjoying this service.

Accurate and Detailed statistics

There is no doubt that LinkBucks offers one of the most detailed, fast, and easy to read statistics. So you can easily analyze your links’ performance with a lot of ease.

Referral Program

Users can make money by referring people to LinkBucks. For all the people that a user has referred, they get 20% of their earning. That means you can make passive revenue with time.


  • Get paid for shortening your links
  • Customized shortening
  • Paid by PayPal
  • Very helpful forum
  • Working referral program
  • Adequate features/tools
  • Fast statistics updates


  • Pop-under links can be problematic
  • Not everyone with a website can benefit from LinkBucks
  • High cash out amount ($10)

Is LinkBucks Legit or Scam?

LinkBucks is not a scam. Many things that support the argument that it is legit. First, the company is more than a decade old. It was started in 2005 and have been operating since then.

No scam can stay this long stealing from people. There is Payment Proof to show that the company has been paying users. You can also go to their forum and see what people are saying about the company.

Also, their customer service is always ready to assist. These are just a few things that prove their legitimacy.

How to Sign Up and login on LinkBucks

The process of signing up and logging in on LinkBucks is pretty straight forward. It is just a few steps and you are done.

How to sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “sign up” tab
  3. A sign-up form will come up. Fill it up with real information
  4. Click the link in the verification email
  5. Account verified and you can now log in.

How to login

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “login ” tab
  3. Enter the username or emails, then the password
  4. Click login” to access your account.
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    LinkBucks is a must have for all bloggers, especially those who have a high volume of content. It saves time from having to shorten links manually, and also ensures all links are working when you post them out to social media.

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