Make UP Affiliate Programs

Blogging, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media channels related to make up has enormous fan following. The reason is the craze to look beautiful and gorgeous. The followers are hungry for the latest cosmetic tips and product reviews.

You can say that make up niche is the most popular niche. You have a website or other social media channel with a large audience, then why don’t you think about joining an affiliate program. Nobody will miss the chance to double or even triple the income.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs to work with, but you have to choose the best program in terms of cookie duration, commission, payment methods and others. Don’t worry. We care for you and to save your time, we have brought the best affiliate programs list for you.

The cosmetic industry is and going to get even more significant. There is consistent growth in the cosmetic industry. Different new brands are introducing themselves in cosmetics industry. These new brands need affiliates to promote their products.

You can earn a commission by promoting their audience through your website. They will give you commission on every single sale of a product. Commission rates vary according to the products. Some products that cost high have a high commission rate.

You can write a review about these products and put your affiliate link in your blog. People will read and click to buy the products. Once they deposit money for the product, you will be given a commission.

You can see the list below to choose an affiliate program.

# Logo Name Comission Cookie Link Score 
1 BH cosmetics 8% Join 4.33
2 Madison Reed 10$ Join 4.17
3 BeautyTap 7,5% Join 4.17
4 Realher 15% - 25% Join 4.17
5 Violet Grey 12% Join 4.17
6 ScentBird 14$ Join 4
7 Topsecret 15% Join 4
8 Ofra Cosmetics 10% Join 4
9 Juice Beauty 6% Join 4
10 100% Pure 8% Join 4
11 Caley Cosmetics 8% Join 4
12 GlamBot 10% Join 4
13 AirBrush MakeUp 10% Join 4
14 GlossyBox 20% Join 4
15 Trestique 10% Join 4
16 Ga-De Cosmetics 10% Join 4
17 Cozzette Beauty 10% Join 4
18 Makeup Artist 10% Join 4
19 De Lanci 10% Join 4
20 Dragqueen MakeUp 10% Join 4
21 Content 10% Join 4
22 Faces 5% - 15% Join 4
23 YoungBlood 8% Join 3.5
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