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Niche Adult Dating Ecommerce Education Finance Gaming Health & Beauty Nutra Travel
Geo All world
Payments Payoneer
Frequency net-15
Min Pay 50

Maxbounty is a Cost-Per-Action (CPA) affiliate network that is based in Canada. This company was founded in 2004 and has stood the test of time to become a well-known name in the industry today. Some people refer to it as performance-based marketing but just know it is a platform where products or offers are advertised. In return, there is a payout commission after the required task has been accomplished.

In simple terms, Maxbounty acts as a middleman or affiliate marketer and an advertiser at the same time. How does it work? First of all, advertisers place their offers on the Maxbounty website. The main aim of doing so is to generate traffic to the advertisers’ offers and in the end, you get rewarded. But it can only work perfectly for you if the target audience accomplishes the required action or task.

For instance, when you direct twenty individuals to the offer you are promoting on Maxbounty and just three of them finish the required task, your commission will be equivalent to three conversions. This means you will get paid in relation to the number of people accomplishing the required task.

Often times the task required can be so easy to accomplish. For example, you may be asked to fill out a form provided to you on the advertisers’ website. Much to your surprise, this is a common trend, especially for CPA offers.

One of the most interesting things about Maxbounty affiliate network is that you will get an opportunity to promote a lot of offers. As a result, you will get good conversion rates that will enable you to have a decent income. Keep in mind that there is some work to be done because you only earn your money for your action. This brings us to the question, “who is Maxbounty meant for?”

Who is Maxbounty Meant For?

This CPA affiliate network is designed for any affiliate marketer looking forward to making some extra cash. Or it is meant to help affiliate marketers to earn more money faster than how the usual affiliate marketing process work.

Basically, the Cost-Per-Action offers are increasingly becoming easier for you to get conversions. This is due to the simplicity of the required actions coming from the advertisers.

However, the main determinant of your success in this regard is your traffic. In other words, the more traffic you direct to a given offer, the more chances of getting more and better conversions. And by getting more conversions, it means that more people are accomplishing the required tasks. But how do you sign up to become an affiliate marketer at Maxbounty?

Sign Up to Become a Marketer

Apparently, there is no membership fee required for you to join this network. That does not mean anyone is eligible to become a member of this affiliate network. However, this statement should not discourage you from joining Maxbounty just like other members do. After all, it could be your lucky day anyway.

The reason why everyone cannot join Maxbounty is that this network strives to maintain the quality of its affiliate marketers. It achieves this goal through the evaluation of its members. More often than not, Maxbounty calls its members directly in order to appraise their overall marketing potential.

Therefore, you can have your application not rejected by strictly adhering to the following rules:

You must have a blog that has original content and decent traffic

  1. Have an idea of the type of offers you are looking forward to promoting
  2. Have a full understanding of how you are going to promote the offers
  3. State your primary sources of traffic
  4. You should not have a past record of lower marketing activities.

These are the requirements you will need to fulfill in order to join Maxbounty affiliate marketing network. Once you become a member, there are benefits you will enjoy.


  • Maxbounty comes complete with a user-friendly interface to make your work easier
  • They are very reliable when it comes to on-time payment for their affiliate marketers
  • They offer free educational resources via their websites including other related training to help new members get started immediately

If you are looking for reliability as well as results from CPA offers, then Maxbounty affiliate network is all that you need. Get more of its benefits in the PROS section below.


  • Maxbounty comes with a very effective approval process that has a quick response provided that you follow the guidelines.
  • There are different types of products and services available for you to promote and in return, have a decent income regardless of your niche.
  • This is a reliable platform with a user-friendly interface.
  • Their payment system is reliable and has different kinds of payment options like Wire transfer, PayPal, Cheque, Payoneer and Direct Deposit.
  • Availability of highly experienced and skilled support team
    Helpful delegated affiliate managers to ensure that you become successful in accomplishing your tasks.
    Provides high-quality educational resources for their affiliate marketers.


  • You can easily get banned in case your traffic to their website is questionable.
  • Maxbounty has a very strict process for those signing up to become members especially for those with no websites. For newcomers, this could be frustrating.
  • There are a few offers to promote in comparison to other affiliate networks within the industry.

What is your Opinion about Maxbounty?

Maxbounty is not a scam as many people would want you to believe but is 100 percent legitimate affiliate network. In fact, it is one of the several affiliate networks that can comfortably boast of having highly converting offers. All you need to do is to generate good traffic to their offers and everything will fall in place for you.


You can now bear some witness to Maxbounty as being a force to reckon especially within the entire affiliate network industry. As a matter of fact, you should not have any doubt given that you will have a better chance of earning decent money through their offers. Their members will tell you that Maxbounty is indeed one of the reliable Cost-Per-Action (CPA) affiliate network you can think of in the industry today.

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  • I’ve been working with Maxbounty for a while now, and it’s been some of the best money I’ve ever made. This network is awesome because they pay top dollar for CPA offers and are a very reliable partner. In my time with them, they have never once messed up on payment or caused any problems. I would highly recommend!

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