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The name of the game is Mobile Affiliate Marketing! If you know about it or even work with it, you must have heard of a common name – Mobidea and we are here to give you a fair review of the Mobidea Affiliate Network. But for the beginners, let’s just see what the whole idea of Mobile Affiliate Marketing is all about. Let’s begin.

According to Statistics, the number of smartphone users today all over the world is more than two billion! Now, imagine how much money this crazy number of smartphones can generate and how it is and will change the marketing industry. The world has moved to smartphones from desktop and affiliate marketing is the tool that you can use as a tool to grab this golden opportunity!

You are thinking: So, how does it work? It is super easy to get in the business of affiliate marketing and you won’t even have to own a product.

All you have to do is to help others see their products. As an affiliate marketer, you will promote affiliate links, which you will get from the owner of the product, by sharing the links online. If any user performs any action on that link, like install, subscribe or buy, you will get rewarded!

Like we mentioned earlier, Mobidea is a renowned name in the world of affiliate marketing and before we review and come to a conclusion.

What is Mobidea?

To begin with, Mobidea is a mobile affiliate network that is an award-winning platform, which is a specialist in mobile offers. Mobidea offers excellent opportunities on its platform to its more than 100,000 affiliates. It is one of the most successful mobile affiliate networks today and they are driven by education and technology.

In addition to all these Mobidea also offers tips, updated guides, and advice to the affiliate marketers. Mobidea runs 2000 plus campaigns on many verticals like music and videos, games, dating, fitness and health, beauty, vouchers and coupons, sweeps, pin submits, and mobile content.


  • Offers 24X7 customer support in five languages
  • Free tracking abilities within its network
  • For the top converting offers, real-time optimization
  • The traffic is free from any kind of fraudulent activities and an internal fraud team makes sure that the traffic stays fraud-free
  • Over six billion clicks
  • It is possible to pick key time periods of a certain day with dayparting
  • Offers post-event optimization that helps in locating effective sources of traffic
  • Target by OS, device, carrier, country and vertical
  • The content that is featured in the Mobidea Academy are from experts
  • More than 800 advertisers


Are you convinced that Mobidea is the number one choice for affiliate marketers? Let’s go deeper and understand the benefits of Mobidea. It will help you gain a better understanding of this network and in the process, you will be able to see if Mobidea is the right choice for you or not.

Mobidea process payments quickly

Getting paid fast is certainly one of the main crucial factors for any affiliate marketers. There could be two types of affiliates – media buyers and webmasters. The media buyers generally expect money fast and quick as they like to invest again; so that they can buy traffic through various platforms. Webmasters, on the other hand, require the money so that they can purchase new domains.

In any case, both webmasters and media buyers need money fast and that is one benefit of Mobidea that makes it a good affiliate marketing network.


Mobidea is not just a network performs businesses, it also teaches them! Mobidea has over 150 articles that can help affiliate marketers get a better understanding of the trade. An affiliate marketer can read on topics such as dynamic tracking, ad exchanges, ad networks, dayparting, banner optimization, etc. in the Academy (

Own IT Team

Mobidea considers technology as its biggest asset and the platform was created and designed by their own IT team. The advantage of having an in-house IT team is that any improvements or developments will be carried out in less time, which becomes hard if it’s looked after by an external third party. This also makes the whole process of responding to a need a lot easier and faster.

No Fraud!

Mobidea has their own fraud team that makes sure that the affiliates do not indulge or fall prey to any fraudulent activities. Therefore, affiliates can carry on their work without any worry.

Payment methods

Mobidea has 5 payment methods that you can choose from and enjoy your earnings. You will have the option of bank transfers, ePayments, WebMoney, and PayPal.


As a part of main goals, the team of advertisers is always focused on including well-performing and diverse range of offers. This way, the affiliates can choose an offer, which can adjust well to the traffic they are having, which can ensure the best EPC for them. In addition to that, Mobidea presents new offers every day and these can be negotiated between the advertisers and their team. Further, the offers are incorporated into Mobidea and then analyzed, tested, and finally delivered to the affiliates.

Legit or Scam?

Now that you know the key features and benefits, we hope that you can be assured that Mobidea is not a scam. In fact, it makes sure that there are no fraudulent activities going and for that, they have a dedicated team. Mobidea not only let affiliates do business but also help them learn and educate. In simpler words, Mobidea has earned its place among the best affiliate marketing networks.

How to Sign-up or Login

The procedure of joining or logging in is standard like any other platform. You just have to feed your details and you will have an account and can start your affiliate marketing with Mobidea. It takes only two minutes or less to create an account and you can use Google+ account to fill up the registration form.

If you want to explore or get into the exciting world of affiliate marketing, get started today! (

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