Music Affiliate Programs

The music industry includes composers, music teachers, sound engineers, artists, music equipment manufacturers, vocal coaches and many more. It means that music is a vast niche with different product niches and affiliate companies who want to promote their products and services.

Music changes your mood and shows your feelings. Musicians are passionate about their passion and spend a lot of money on buying music instruments. You can boost your earnings by joining a music affiliate program by promoting musical instruments, guitar or violin lessons and other products and services.

Music is very a competitive industry as everyone loves to listen and enjoy music. But what if you double or triple with your enjoyment? You are thinking right; it is possible with the help of affiliate marketing. You may review the latest music products and instruments like guitars, microphones, and audio equipment.

It is possible if you have an interest and in-depth knowledge about it so people can trust you. Join the affiliate program and add the affiliate links in product reviews to suggest people to buy it. When people buy those products using your referral link, you will be given a commission by the company.

Now the thing is how it will give you a commission. Most of the programs offer you commission per sale. For example, you write a review, and people buy that product by reading your review with your referral link. You will be given a fixed amount of commission decided by the company on every single sale.

Some companies give you profit on a percentage basis like 10% or 15% on every sale. Some companies give you a fixed amount of profit like $10, $20 or $50.

It is challenging to find out the affiliate programs that stand out from the crowd. We have brought the list of best music affiliate programs for you to choose from easily. Have a look at the table below.

# Logo Name Comission Cookie Link Score 
1 ZZounds up to 80% Join 4.5
2 Virtual Sheet Music 30% Join 4.5
3 Train Your Ears 40% Join 4.5
4 LoopMasters 15% - 20% Join 4.17
5 Music Bazaar up to 40% Join 4.17
6 Mp3va 35% - 50% Join 4.17
7 NoiseLab 50% Join 4.17
8 Guitar Pro 10% Join 4.17
9 Kliq Music Gear 10% Join 4.17
10 Jamplay 40$ Join 4
11 Earmaster 20% Join 4
12 Omarimc 25% Join 4
13 Music For Makers 70% Join 4
14 TradeBit up to 75% Join 4
15 Prime Loops 20% Join 4
16 Guitar Alliance 50% Join 4
17 Guitar Pedal 5% Join 4
18 Make Drums 70% Join 4
19 Music Business Institute 50% Join 4
20 Smart Rapper 150$ Join 4
21 Reed Music 25% Join 4
22 TunePocket 10$ Join 4
23 Easy Song Licensing 15% Join 4
24 Allo 15% Join 4
25 Early Music America 10% Join 4
26 Zotzin Guitar Lessons 25$ Join 4
27 Official Music Bible 10% Join 4
28 Piano Wizard Academy 15% Join 4
29 Thomann 2% Join 3.83
30 Music Notes 5% Join 3.83
31 Musical hall 5% Join 3.33
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