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Network Type cpa cpl cps cpi
Niche Ecommerce Health & Beauty Nutra Web
Engine In-house proprietary platform
Geo All world
Payments Bitcoin Check Payoneer PayPal Wire
Frequency net-7
Min Pay 50

What is OGADs?

OGADs happens to be an US-based mobile affiliate network. It is possible for the app developers and the mobile webmasters to make money by promoting Android and iOS apps plus content service as well as downloads for desktop. The user has to take the required action for getting paid after clicking on OGADs affiliate link.

This mobile affiliate network’s revenue models happen to be CPL, CPA, CPS, as well as CPI. OGADs is considered to be a fantastic substitute for the well-known Mobile10 network. The applications and websites of the publishers are going to be reviewed by OGADs for the accounts to become approved. These accounts will be approved depending on promotional strategies.

Key Features

  • Android, Tablet, and iOS responsive
  • 100% fill rate
  • Auto-optimized
  • JavaScript as well as direct link code
  • Custom locker themes
  • CPA offers are available
  • Simple to integrate
  • User-friendly interface for the publishers
  • 100% customizable
  • More than 1000 exclusive offers (sports, health, motivation, fitness, casino, social media accounts, and so forth)
  • Real-time stats
  • Payments on time
  • Committed support

The Advantages

1. Fantastic interface

The interface happens to be simple-to-use, sleek, contemporary, and anyone can use it whatsoever. It is a fact that you might become obsessed on OGADs to such an extent that you would never like to go back to your outdated CPA network.

2. Quick approval

It is very simple to get approved at OGADs network. In fact, the approval time is usually 24 hours and one will get the approval notification by means of email.

3. Amazing support

OGADs network offers fantastic support for all its clients. In fact, it will be possible to get a reply to any query within just a couple of hours. In case you’d like to enjoy a faster reply, it will be sensible to get in touch with the affiliate manager at Skype. It will be possible to find out the Skype ID of the account manager after logging into your account at Skype.

4. Fresh offers on a daily basis

Fresh and high-paying offers are being added by OGADs on a regular basis.

5. High-paying offers

Unlike most of the other similar networks, OGADs offers the highest revenue per install. The reason for this is that they are able to contact with the advertisers directly while other similar networks make use of some other network for procuring the offers which result in the curtailment of their publishers’ revenue.

6. Extensive range of tools

OGADs has the distinction of providing several awesome tools such as content locker, Mobile Rewards, Mobile Locker, Mobile Video Locker, Smart Link, as well as Offer API. You are free to select any tool as per your promotion method.

7. Landing pages are high converting

A wide array of landing pages is being provided by the network to select from. All these landing pages are extremely attractive that can increase the conversion rate for the publishers significantly.

8. Quick payments for the publishers

On most occasions, it will be possible to receive the payments on a net 30 basis although you may likewise switch to net 7 simply by getting in touch with the account manager by means of email or Skype after starting to generate some revenues.

9. High rate of conversion

It has been observed that in most cases the conversion rate is approximately 40%. However, the users are going to get around 10% conversion rate at other similar CPA networks out there and the publishers can get up to 20% conversion rate. However, it is much higher when it comes to the OGADs network.

The Disadvantages

1. Approval required

It will be imperative to apply and also become approved prior to becoming a publisher on this network. In fact, OGADs will not allow any low-quality user, and therefore it is important to be meticulous while submitting an application. Ensure that you’re able to convince the authorities out there so as to get accepted.

2. $100 needed for accessing the chat room

The reason for this is apparently unknown. The low earners will not be allowed by OGADs to gain access to the chat feature.

Payment Methods:

The minimum payment threshold here happens to be $50 and you will be able to select between different modes of payment including PayPal, bank transfer, checks, and Payoneer. The payments are going to be made every month and in case you generate in excess of $500 every week, it will also be possible for you to claim your weekly remuneration.

OGADs Offers

OGADs happens to be amongst the pioneers in the CPA marketing industry particularly when it comes to the quality of the mobile offers. As a matter of fact, the network comes with an excess of 1000 active offers to promote along with a payout of as much as $30 every offer.

OGADs is going to provide you with different types of social media offers irrespective of whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and so on. Now it will be possible for you to generate revenues starting from $11 to as much as $75 per conversion.

Is OGADs Legit or Scam?

After going through the above-mentioned review, there should be no doubt regarding the fact that the OGADs network is 100% legit and not a scam by any means. It is, in fact, amongst the best networks which offer prompt payouts, the best offers, not to mention extremely professional support as well. In case you do have any doubts, you can go online and look at the reviews most of which will speak highly of the network.

How to Register and Login?

It is not at all difficult to sign up for OGADs, and the process is regulated by an administrator manually. However, you need to provide accurate information while signing up. During this process, you’ll be asked by OGADs regarding what kind of traffic you’d like to use. It can be a social network, paid traffic or SEO traffic.

You might also show any previous earning from some other CPA network out there and in case you do have any experience with IM it will be an added bonus. After the validation of your OGADs registration, it will be possible for you to sign in and get familiar with the interface plus the various features.

  • Offers
  • Support
  • Payments
  • Technology
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    I am a huge fan of OGads. I’ve been with them for a while now and they are my favorite affiliate network. They have a wide selection of products, great customer service, and they always pay on time!

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  • OGads is hands down the best cpa network for your needs. Not only does it have an incredible selection of offers, but the dashboard is so easy to use and intuitive. I love that they are always creating new opportunities. Everything I need is right at my fingertips with OGads!

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