Ratings Guide

Here are some of the key factors we consider when reviewing affiliate programs:

Commission Rate:
What percentage does the program pay? We generally consider 3-5% to be terrible, 10% to be good and 15-20% to be excellent.

Conversion Rate:
Here we focus on how the merchant closes sales. Sometimes our rating is based on our own experience, feedback from others or published data. In other instances, it’s based on our review of the merchant’s site.

Quality/Variety of Marketing Materials:
How many banners or text links available? How often are they updated and how well-designed are they? Does the merchant offer a feed, coupons, template emails and other tools?

This is a big one for us. Do affiliates get paid for phone/mail orders? Does the merchant run ads (ie: Google Adsense) on their pages where you won’t be compensated for your visitors’ clicks?

Affiliate Management:
Does the merchant have a dedicated affiliate manager? Do they respond to inquiries in a timely way? Are affiliate contacts listed prominently on their website?

Payment Practices:
Does the merchant have a history of timely payments? Do they use a third party to analyze sales and process payments? What is their reversal rate? How long is their cookie duration?

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