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Sharecash is one of the oldest, most profitable and trustworthy pay-per-download and content locking networks on the internet. Founded back in 2009, Sharecash is well known as a next-generation, highly innovative upload site that pays its users a commission for every download of their uploaded files.

Is Sharecash a Scam?

The answer is No. Sharecash has been around for a decade now and has thousands of happy users who always receive their full payments on time and have never missed a single payment.

How it works

Think about it; you probably have a lot of files on your computer, website, phone or another device. It could be videos, games, applications, pictures, text documents, game hacks, movie subtitles, or any other files.

(NOTE: the files you upload on Sharecash have to be yours. The website does not allow users to upload any illegal or copyrighted files). Chances are there are people on the internet who would be interested in downloading such files if only they could find them.

Sharecash offers you a way to make money using such files after following three easy steps; just take about a minute to sign up, upload your files, and then wait for someone to make a download. Before making their download, the person has to do a task first, such as taking an online survey or filling out a form. If they do the task and download your file, you get a commission.

Sharecash provides many tools, tutorials, and support that you can use to advertise your files so that more people may download them. You can also use your own methods to advertise your files and secure more downloads for a fatter paycheck.

Sharecash features and Benefits

1. Reliable and Trustworthy

Sharecash is one of, if not the oldest content locking and pay-per-download websites. For the past ten years, Sharecash has been sending all their members on-time payments, providing first-class support, and maintaining impeccable uptime. If anyone ever downloads your file, you can be sure that you’ll get your commission in full.

2. Self-optimizing system

Over the past decade, Sharecash has been using and improving their advanced machine learning algorithms that pick the best ads to accompany your file so that you can make the most out of them. You will never have to pick ads yourself.

3. On time payments

Sharecash has built a great reputation for always sending payments in full and on time every time. If you are a standard affiliate, you can expect your payment on the third day of every month and if you are a premier affiliate, you can receive your payment every week.

4. Amazing Platform

Sharecash has a unique, sleek, intuitive and polished user dashboard that you will never see on any other pay-per-download website. It not only looks fantastic, but it’s also designed to help you earn even more money with the included statistical reporting tools, customizable landing pages, widget designers, and more.

5. Content Library

Sharecash has a content library full of more than 20,000 pre-uploaded eBooks, software files, gaming guides, and other types of files that will provide a nearly endless stream of niche ideas and content for your promotions.

6. Referral program

If you want a piece of their pie, Sharecash has a referral program that will have you earning a 5% commission on all the leads generated by all the users you refer. Through their affiliate messaging system, you can talk to or train your affiliates so that they make more money for themselves and for you as well.

7. Worldwide availability

It doesn’t matter where you come from. Anyone can become a Sharecash member and make money. Sharecash also pays a commission regardless of where the Downloader comes from.

8. Highest paying offers

Sharecash has an extensive inventory of top-tier adverts that cover over 180 countries and support both desktop and mobile platforms so that users can get as many downloads as possible.

9. Real-time stats

Right on the dashboard, Sharecash provides real-time stats for your files so that you can stay in the know of how many you have and how much you have made. The stats also help you know what you are doing right or wrong so that you can learn and improve.

Cons of Sharecash

The only disadvantage of Sharecash is also the reason why you get to make any money at all on the website. For you to make any money, a person has to download your file and for them to be able to do so, they first have to unlock the file by completing a survey, watching an advert, filling a form, among other hoops that many will not be willing to jump through.

Sharecash Affiliate Program

Members of Sharecash can make some extra cash by referring other people to the website. Once you have successfully referred someone to Sharecash, you will receive a lifetime commission of 5% for their earnings. For every 10 referrals, you will also earn an extra 1% commission so if you have 10 affiliates, you will be earning a 6% commission. You can earn up to 12 percent extra commission.

How Payment Works

How you get paid depends on whether you are a standard member or a premier member.

  1. Standard Members – payments are made once every month, usually on the 3rd. Your earnings of the month are added up at the end of the month after which you may request for payment on the 1st or 2nd so that it can be sent to you on the 3rd.
  2. Premier members – payments are made weekly on Wednesdays. Your weekly earnings are added up every Sunday after which you may request for payment on Monday or Tuesday so that it can be sent to you on Wednesday.

Methods of payment

  1. Payoneer – you will need a minimum balance of $20 in order to receive a prepaid MasterCard.
  2. Payza – you’ll need a minimum balance of $25.
  3. Check – for us residents, you need $50 minimum balance and $100 for non-US residents.
  4. Wire Transfers – you need $50 minimum balance for a US wire transfer and $100 for an international wire transfer.

How to Register

To sign up, you will need to log on to and create your account. You will need to enter your username, email, password, and other details as requested on the sign-up page. Once you have agreed to the Sharecash Terms of Service agreement, they will approve your join request and you can start uploading your files and making money.

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