Software Affiliate Programs

Over the past 40 years, the software industry has developed dramatically. The software industry has changed our lives by providing us many tools and applications. It is a perfect niche to earn a massive sum of money. By joining a software affiliate program, your earning will go double or even triple.

We all are now living in the age of computers, and the level of dependency reached the level that we would die without computers. Almost every industry needs the software industry to carry out its work smoothly whether it’s a bank, food companies or businesses.

Software development companies earn a huge sum of money from software development. But they also need software marketing to be competitive in this industry. New and advance applications and tools are hitting the industry every day.

If you promote software by joining a software affiliate program, you can earn commission on every sale. This commission will be above your expectations. For example, if a person buys software worth $1000 to $1200, your 10% commission will be $100 or $120. Different affiliate programs offer you a varied range of commission up to 40%.

Let me tell you that you can earn profit from software affiliate programs in two ways. Affiliate programs work on CPA (cost per action) means you will get commission per sale or lead. If a person buys software using your referral link, you will earn the decided commission.

Cost per lead means if a person goes to the site using your referral link, you will earn a commission per lead. Some affiliate programs also give you commission if a person subscribes for free use.  This commission is less than the purchase commission. If that person upgrades to a premium member, you will be given profit as you refer the person.

You can check the list of best software affiliate programs with complete details below.

# Logo Name Comission Cookie Link Score 
1 Wrike 100$ - 300$ Join 4.67
2 Mspy 10% - 60% Join 4.67
3 Lambda 25% Join 4.5
4 SurveySparrow 25% Join 4.5
5 Sharecash 1 $ Join 4.33
6 Autodesk 9% Join 4
7 Backlog 40$ - 150$ Join 4
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