SPY Affiliate Tools

# Logo Name Description Link Score 
1 AdBeat Provides unparalleled insights into the complex world of digital advertising. Discover your competitor's most profitable publisher, ad copy and landing pages. Join 4.5
2 Adplexity Competitive intelligence spy tool for mobile, native and adult ads Join 4.5
3 Bigspy #1-ADS SPY TOOL with the largest intelligence database of ad creatives. It has integrated with various social media networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, Pinterest, and AdMob. It provides access to millions of ad creatives for inspirations and detailed ads analysis for marketing campaigns. Join 4.5
4 AdmobySpy Important mobile affiliate marketing competitive INTEL. Targeting strategies which allows for excellent conversions, detailed mobile market segment tracking. Join 4.33
5 SpyOver The easiest tool for analyzing native ads and the competitors of your niche and their activity. Join 4.17
6 iSpionage Accurate, up-to-date competitive intelligence information, a great way to size up competing websites and their online marketing efforts. Join 4.17
7 Affbank Ads Spy Tool Massive offer database of affiliate marketing, networks directory, free spy tool, discounts. Highly relevant website to advertise affiliate network. Join 4.17
8 SpyPush The world's first service on monitoring of push notifications with the support of all known advertising networks Join 4
9 WhatRunsWhere Tool provides you with the Digital ad intelligence you need to spend your dollars more efficiently and grow business. Allows to provide meaningful insight into the way how effectively your ads are performing. Join 4
10 Advault Discover winning campaigns, uncover top landing pages & funnels, monitor your niche & competitors, get tons of new advertising leads, discover new products to promote. Join 4
11 KeywordSpy Discover competitors and their keywords, get fresh data w/daily database updates, see site's spending on Adwords and find profitable keyword+ad copy combinations. Join 4
12 Anstrex Platform helps save on marketing, quickly test any landing page, learn competition secrets, drive more traffic and get deep data insight. Join 4
13 SocialAdScout Access millions of social ad examples from around the world. Join 4
14 PowerAdSpy Poweradspy is the first and largest software of it’s kind to ensure you run FB and INSTA ads that make money right out the gate. Join 4
15 NativeAdBuzz The tool that helps uncover the techniques emplyed by direct sales B2B and B2C marketers utilizing content based marketing to explode their revenues and learn the secrets of top affiliates, worldwide, who are using native advertising to generate massive traffic and sales. Join 4
16 SocialPeta The world's largest ads library, detailed advertising intelligence analysis, daily data changes. For understanding the promotional information of advertisers, customized solutions to promote cooperation and optimization the sales of advertising inventory. Join 4
17 Adclarity The largest cross-channel programmatic digital ad coverage. The actionable insights for media professionals to overcome digital planning blindness. Join 4
18 Mixrank The most comprehensive database of mobile apps, developers, SDKs, technologies, services, and integrations. For finding companies match your market segment. Join 4
19 Adspy The largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world. Join 4
20 PayPerTrail The expansive data of the most profitable ads, high performing site and network placements for advertising campaign. Join 4
21 BuddyAd Perfect companion to your spy tool to make sure that campaign is running and to unveil profitale placements. Informations on the domain authority, social and traffic stats on different publishers for making better marketing decisions. Join 4
22 Adperiscope The secrets of profitable adult advertising campaigns, access all major adult ad networks. Opportunity to get a complete picture of the entire ad campaign. Join 4
23 Follow All information about any website for making right decisions in your business. The widest and most comprehensive, high-level overview of any site's marketing data. Join 4
24 SpyFu The best tool for competitor keyword research for Google Ads PPC and SEO. This tool is helpful in increasing the traffic of your websites. Join 3.83
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