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The Super Affiliate Network Dilemma: Is it a Good Opportunity or a Scam?

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What is Super Affiliate Network?

The Super Affiliate Network (SAN) is an online, affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketers earn commissions by driving traffic to the websites of those for whom they are an affiliate. SAN offers affiliates the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in the business. People join with a commitment to grab on to the opportunity and push through to success.

How to Decide if Super Affiliate Network is a Genuine Opportunity?

SAN features several levels on their platform. For a beginner, Module 1, “Strategy vs. Tactics’” is their offer to complete and become a Super Affiliate.

A Super Affiliate’s focus must be on integrity, power, and determination. Also, affiliates, of all levels, understand that their own actions determine their own future. See The SAN Manifesto ( on their website.

Another point to make here is the refund policy at SAN, which is generous. If you have sincerely given it your best shot and can prove it by work completed, you will be refunded your money plus $100 for wasting your time. There have been complaints regarding proof of work, but this is their policy.

How to Investigate the Opportunity with Super Affiliate Network

On the SAN website, ( ) click on the “Click Here To Sign Up For Free” button, where there is an opportunity to watch a video.

The founder-owner of SAN, Misha Wilson presents a 100 percent free offer to become an affiliate for SAN. To be honest; though, affiliate opportunities are almost always free to join.

After watching the first video you will be prompted to click again just below the video. This will take you to another message from Misha Wilson. Then, if you follow the prompts and opt-in, you will receive an email with further instructions. Login information is provided in the follow-up email.

Wilson – celebrated for his success in the internet marketing field – is knowledgeable and a good speaker. His renowned ability to impart the promise of revealing the necessary success skills to others – is exemplary. His literature and videos all send the message that the success of his affiliates matters to him.

Their basic membership, Module 1, “Strategy vs. Tactics” will cost you $1 for the first month, a 93 percent discount over the regular price of $47 a month. But, it is noteworthy that if you decline the $1 offer, you will be offered an opportunity to pay only $37 a month for the entire basic program.

Another caveat is that if you join by the year – you will receive their Solo ad formula, which regularly costs $97 unless you are at the Pro Level, where it is a part of the offer.

Upon joining the Basic Membership, you learn the SAN, step-by-step system. There are several components to this level, which include the following:

Bootcamp training modules (there are currently three phases and 15 modules)

  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Monthly coaching call with Misha
  • Monthly Newsletter (video)
  • Insiders Facebook group


When you opt-in with SAN, you learn how affiliate marketing can work for you. SAN offers extensive training that is consistent with the necessary learning curve.

Progressing through the program is like a boot camp experience. Once you have satisfactorily completed a step, you can proceed to the next step – and not before. This can be a frustrating experience for some.

There has also been some criticism across the web regarding the fact that SAN does not focus on affiliates building a niche website business. This type of business does not really fit with the SAN marketing profile because they do not go after organic traffic.

SAN drives targeted traffic to market products and services in the following ways:

  • E-Mail Marketing,
  • List Building through Solo Ads,
  • Various social media advertising,
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC),
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC),
  • YouTube videos.


Right out of the gate – it is costly to become a member of SAN. Their own income disclosure reveals that the average high earnings are $2,500 per year and the average low earnings are only $150 per year. This is a picture of how difficult the affiliate marketing business can be.

In addition, it is possible to opt into the Pro Level, or Module 2, “The 5 Pillars” after you have completed Module 1. At that time, you are eligible to recruit new affiliates into the Pro Level and earn money that way. However, you can do so without having earned much money in the Module 1 phase.

This is one of the main complaints from others because it is similar to an MLM platform. Another complaint often heard is the fact that buying traffic using Solo Ads can be very expensive and are not always effective.

What About Upsells

The two higher levels to the SAN platform which are expensive to join $2,497 for the Pro Level membership and $12,497 for their Intensive Mentoring membership level. This last one is Module 3, or “The Millionaire Mind.”

San gets a lot of criticism for charging these type of prices based on the advanced training and support they offer. However, I think that there is another way to look at this…

The income potential in the affiliate marketing business on the internet is literally unlimited. As we have already pointed out, nothing comes to you for free. It is hard but rewarding work.

What About SAN Being a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) Company in Disguise?

What is a multi-level-marketing company? According to Wikipedia ( most MLM companies are pyramid schemes. Members earn minimal money by selling products.

The real MLM earnings come through recruiting others to enroll and encouraging their enrollees to do the same.

In other words, the main focus of a typical MLM is growing your downline.

On the contrary, SAN offers a bonafide opportunity to build a full-time income business. Furthermore, once an affiliate begins to make money – most people want to learn how to grow their business even more. Therefore, they opt into the Pro Level.

It is at this stage SAN offers commissions to recruit other marketers at your level. The Pro Level and the Intensive Mentoring membership level are both included in this offer.

You must have opted in and begun to function on this level before you can offer it to others and earn a commission. SAN is in the business of impacting people’s lives and helping them succeed, but they also want the best and brightest in their own company.

The reason behind this stipulation lies in the fact that SAN values their business model and reputation. If anyone could offer this level to someone without the training – then it would truly become an MLM feature. I do not believe that SAN is an MLM company.

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