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What is Taboola?

It is a cloud-based content discovery platform designed to assist small to large sites (such New York Times, The Weather Channel, and USA Today and many more) in gaining more leads and increasing audience engagement.

They do this through partnering with these sites in exchange for more advertising revenue. They are responsible for a large number of the Sponsored Links seen on popular websites, often even linking to clickbait articles which helps to create incremental revenue for their partner sites.

What features does the Taboola offer?

This service offers many pay-per-click features, as well as content marketing features.

PPC Features:

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics/ROI Tracking
  • Bid Management
  • Budget Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Keyword Tracking

Content Marketing Features:

  • Audience Targeting
  • Campaign Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Distribution Management
  • Multi-Channel Publishing

What are the advantages of using it?

If you’re looking to spend the least amount of money while still achieving your goal of reaching a larger audience, this service has you covered. If your campaign is successful, it can even run for months or even years. Another great pro to using this platform is you really don’t need much training, if any at all, to get it up and running.

More advantages include:

  • Easy to target MSN users
  • Large reach
  • Easy to digest reports
  • Easy to get your campaign running and approved

Sounds great! But what are the disadvantages?

While this particular platform seems fairly easy to use, there are some drawbacks to it as well. The user interface is slow and disorganized, making many features difficult to use or even understand.

Other disadvantages:

  • You will likely need to do a lot of testing until your campaign is successful
  • Support seems slow
  • You many encounter a lot of spam, which means a lot of spam referral traffic
  • Limited API

Overall the biggest disadvantage is the spam ad placements. If that’s not something that bothers you, then you’ll find a lot of success using this specific content discovery platform as it does create a large amount of traffic and incremental income.

How do payments work?

If you want to give this ad platform a try, you can start with a free trial. After that if you want to continue using the service, you’ll have to start payments. However, the cost is dependent on how you run your campaign.

For instance, the only time you’ll pay is when your audience clicks on the ads and reaches the advertised website. There is also a self-service option that starts at $10 a day.

That being said, the minimum budget for a campaign is $100 and the minimum CPC is $0.01. But to put it into perspective, most advertisers will only bid as low as $0.05 cost-per-click.

When it comes to making actual income you cannot edit your payment information through the control panel and must go directly through a separate widget. All payments are direct deposits done through a separate service called Payoneer.

Is Taboola legit  or a scam?

Many people question whether this is legitimate or just a massive scam network. But here’s the truth: we’re talking about one of the world’s largest online advertising companies and many business owners and site owners have achieved great financial success in their careers in part thanks to this service.

One concern people may have is if your browser begins redirecting you to a “trc” URL. If this occurs, it is likely that your computer is infected with an adware program likely connected with some sort of free program downloaded off the Internet.

The adware is easy to hide so you may not even realize it’s being downloaded until it’s too late. As with anything, just be cautious and pay extra attention to what you’re downloading off the Internet. If you do that, you shouldn’t need to worry about the adware.

There’s no “sign up” option on the website, so how does sign up and login work?

While it’s true there’s no obvious or instantaneous way to sign up, the process is actually quite easy! All you have to do to get in is fill out a contact form. After you do that, it’s more of a waiting game.

When a member of support finally contacts you, hopefully in a short amount of days, they will either approve or deny your site for the network. All contact will be done through e-mail, including instructions on how to login as well as an HTML code for your website.

  • Support
  • Payments
  • Technology
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