Tracking Affiliate Tools

# Logo Name Description Link Score 
1 Adsbridge Service that helps track, analyze, optimize and manage ad campaigns on a single platform in real time. Join 4.5
2 Clickmagick Tool that helps to track and optimize your online marketing like a pro, even the most elaborate sales funnel. Join 4.33
3 PeerClick Platform allows to track all your advertising campaigns, analyze data for actionable insights, optimize ad performance, scale your affiliate business. Join 4.33
4 LinkBucks The first Internet advertising network to recognize that the interplay between websites and web users is the foundation of a successful viral campaign. It allows to make cash from the links your users post, from the links you place on your website, or from the posts you make in a forum. Join 4.17
5 Voluum Cloud-based affiliate tracker with built-in optimization tools. It allows to track all your advertising campaigns, analyze data for actionable insights, optimize ad performance, scale your affiliate marketing business. Join 4.17
6 Binom Binom is a self-hosted tracking platform. It is the undisputed leader in click-processing and report-building speeds. Join 4.17
7 Genius Link Tool for queezing more revenue out of every link you share. It makes localizing, tracking, and managing smart links dead simple, so you can earn more without added work. Join 4.17
8 Bemob A technology that simplifies targeting setting of your advertising campaigns. Tracker is analyzing more than 2000 combinations of parameters and selecting the most effective by revenue, CTR and ROI. Join 4
9 Redtrack Ad tracker for media-buyers to automates their routine tasks and consolidate data. Campaigns, sources, offer traffic and offer conversions reports. Automation and API integration with traffic sources to pause campaigns and blacklist placements. Join 4
10 Thrivetracker The Premier AI Tracker for Performance Marketers. Tracking platform has all the tools you need to compare your spend to what you’ve earned in real time: AI Optimization, Bot Filter, Fastest Redirects, Auto-Scaling, Control Your Domains. Join 4
11 Imobytrax A self hosted application that allows for maximum security and privacy of your valuable campaign data. It helps to automatically track, collect and analyze 40+ critical KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). Join 4
12 Clickmeter Tool allows marketing agencies and professional to create and manage more effective online campaigns. It allows you to understand which of your marketing channels, media and ads are more effective and which sources are providing the most value. Join 4
13 Everflow Tracking platform helps manage and track affiliate and strategic distribution partnerships in a mobile ecosystem. Join 4
14 Funnel Flux Software allows you to find your profitable traffic segments and the non-profitable ones. Offerings are individual infrastructure stacks deployed privately for every customer. Join 4
15 Tracking Desk The Conversion Tracking & Attribution Platform boosts your ROI by perfectly tracking and attributing conversions from any Affiliate Network and across all your marketing channels. Join 4
16 Magic Affiliate WordPress Affiliate Plugin increases sales. Integrated with WooCommerce, Magic Members and WP e-Commerce. Join 4
17 Clickinc Affiliate tracking software allows partners with no programming and only basic HTML experience to setup and manage their entire affiliate tracking and lead management system. Join 4
18 Kintura The most powerful blend of tracking and optimization all under one roof. Tracking platform evaluates every user action in the funnel in real-time to predict the most likely scenario for conversion and act accordingly. True AI. Join 4
19 Trakaff Performance Marketing Platform allows track, analyse, manage and optimize performance marketing campaigns in real-time. Join 4
20 AutoFillMagic The tool to get high-quality, hand-built backlinks - but at the speed & cost of an automated tool. A new approach to link building that builds quality links and saves time and hassle. Join 4
21 Hitpath Multichannel Tracking Platform allows to employ a comprehensive and intelligent set of tools and reports to run an efficient and streamlined network operation. Also helps to maintain the proper compliance chain and protect brand while properly tracking all your sales. Join 3.83
22 Linktrack Simple and Effective Link Tracking helps to get valuable tracking information including when the link was clicked, where it came from, the search keywords used, the IP address of the visitor and more. Join 3.67
23 Tracking202 Tracking program helps to increase profits with real-time PPC analytics. Also it offers advanced features such as keyword cloaking, keyword tracking, spy view and much more. Join 3.5
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