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If you’re into monetizing web traffic, you most likely know about Traffic Junky. The Montreal-based service has been around since 2008, offering a unique advertising plan for webmasters.

If you’re in the market to try new ad networks, Traffic Junky is worth a look. The company has a good track record of making on-time payments and offers a robust ad platform for publishers.

Like all networks, you’ll need to submit your website for approval. If you meet their age and traffic requirements (18 and a lot), you’ll get in. Below you’ll discover information about the basics of the program to help you decide if you want to participate.

How Do Traffic Junky Pay?

You have your choice of four payment networks when you use Traffic Junky. If your site qualifies for a payout, you can use these four to receive your funds.

  • International Wire Transfer
  • US Wire Transfer
  • Check Inc

The beautiful thing about payouts on Traffic Junky is you can get them once weekly. There’s no long period of waiting around, like on alternative vendors. This feature is helpful for any webmasters who pay for traffic to their websites.

Each network has a different minimum payout, so make sure to find out what it is before picking an option. The bottom line, if you can deliver traffic, getting paid is not going to be a problem.

The company has been paying out since 2008, and its reputation for making payments on-time is good. With one-week payment potential, you won’t have to wait long to get your money, which reduces your risk significantly.

How Does It Work?

Traffic Junky is a simple program, as this publisher review proves. You submit your website to their network to receive approval to display ads from their partners. The site has a beautiful dashboard where you obtain access to your stats and all pertinent financial information.

After that, put banners on your pages in the best possible locations to begin serving ads. Traffic Junky serves billions of ads monthly, so there’s enough inventory to go around. As always, the more traffic your site has, the more you’ll earn.

You have more than a few options for ad types. Traffic Junky supports a wide range of ad and targeting types.

  • Geo-targeting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Time targeting
  • ISP targeting
  • Frequency Capping
  • Mobile pop-under ads

These flexible options will help you boost revenues on your high-traffic website. The CPM pricing model provides attractive payment potential for almost any site.


  • TrafficJunky pays weekly and is an excellent source of supplemental income, especially for website owners with high-traffic websites. Since there are numerous advertising options, pick the ones that drive enough ROI.
  • TrafficJunky offers monetization for sites in the adult, gambling, and beauty sectors.
  • The program doesn’t cost you anything, and they have multiple ad spots to choose from for publishers. If you lots of traffic and extensive inventory, you’ll get a boost in earnings.


  • Traffic Junky works best in the adult niche, according to online reports and anecdotal evidence.
  • The program will not work for sites with low or medium traffic. Earning high CPMs requires a steady flow of qualified traffic.

Without belaboring the point, Traffic Junky works well for websites with a lot of adult traffic. It may not perform as well for other supported niches, but it’s worth a try.

Can Traffic Junky Work for You?

When evaluating the impact of any ad network, it’s worth considering studying your website metrics. Generally, adding an ad or two to any page will result in a bump in revenues. For that simple reason, it makes perfect sense to experiment to find the best overall revenue-mix always.

For whatever reason, certain monetization schemes work very well on specific sites. That’s why it’s worth trying new networks, at least as alternatives or supplements. If you want to keep your website thriving forever, it will require constant revenue streams from proven payment sources. TrafficJunky is standing the test of time and offers a reliable service for an extensive network of publishers.

How much you’ll earn will come down to basics like their locations and what devices they use to access the internet. If you only have traffic from Tier 1 countries on iPhones, expect a highly profitable streams of income. If your website visitors are primarily from lower Tier regions, you can expect a smaller cut of the pie.

So Which Sites Can Earn the Most on Traffic Junky?

Certain types of websites will always perform the best and earn the most on this network. The list includes the following.

  • Dating websites
  • Adult subscription sites
  • Cam model websites
  • Retailers of sex products
  • Health sites

One area where Traffic Junky stands out above alternatives is in their backend support. The offer tracking, research, 24×7 live chat, and a massive help center.

You’ll never feel lost when using this company. With a long track record and tons of resources, it’s easy to see why they’re still here when many of their competitors are long gone.

TrafficJunky remains a viable network, especially for the verticals that they serve best. A stable operation that has been paying for over a decade shows their commitment to succeed.

If your website meets its traffic standards and is a fit demographically, it’s well worth applying for their publisher program.

What Sites Will They Not Take?

Like all ad networks, some subjects are not for Traffic Junky. The prohibit content on drugs and alcohol, ones with extreme violence, abuse and rape, and anything related to hacking and cracking.

They also don’t allow incentivized advertisements or any bot traffic that would artificially inflate clicks and impressions to get more revenue. They also won’t allow illegal content, and “coming soon” pages or non-finished websites.

As long as your website is not doing any of those actions, you’ll be fine. With a chance to earn 40% of all ad dollars with a Traffic Junky revenue-sharing account, you have a reliable option to monetize.

Even if the network only becomes a supplemental revenue stream, it will be worth the small investment of time to apply.

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    Traffic Junky is one of the best advertize networks out there. I’ve been using it for over a year and have seen great results. The interface is really user-friendly and easy to jump in and start using right away. Plus, their customer service team is always ready to help with any questions I might have.

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